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A few magic questionsSupport

  1. cookie11

    cookie11 Active Member

    me n the wife have a pair of "vodafone/google" magics which we've had for nearly 12 months now which are on o2 & both have been great phones.
    her's is just standard on 1.6 but as soon as i got mine i had a bit of a play with it & rooted it to 1.5 & put a french rom on it which has looked & run great (i tried the hero rom but it ran like a dog). (dont know why they say that cos dogs run fast).
    anyway i've been thinking & reading a bit about updating it again & have read a bit about 2.1 but i takes a bit of sinking in are these 2.1 style roms or is this the unoficial firmware which is to be put on it.
    also is it worth messing about with it as supposedly 2.2 will be coming out for the magic soon.
    But if i wait for the 2.2 could i still put different roms on. (am i right in thinking the roms are just the screens & styles on the phone).
    like i say its been nearly 12 months since i did anything with my phone but it'll soon sink in when i get pointed in the right direction.

  2. cookie11

    cookie11 Active Member

    UK model number HTC MAGIC
    BASEBAND VER: 62.50S.20.17U_2.22.19.26I
    KERNEL VERSION : 2.6.27-00394-GC6C6056

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