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A few questionsSupport

  1. sonofaresiii

    sonofaresiii Well-Known Member

    Hey gang, bit of a noob... I have a few questions on things (that I'm pretty sure aren't possible, but I figured I'd ask) so instead of making a bunch of new threads... here's just the one!

    Okay, skins for widgets. I love the functions of a few particular widgets, but I don't like the skins/icons. Is there ANY way to change what a widget looks like while keeping its function?

    For instance: I've got a widget that turns my LED on so I can use my phone like a flashlight. Fantastic, but instead of using the icon that comes with it, maybe I want to make a giant lightbulb or something I can tap. Or better yet, maybe I can put on NO skin and say, have my wallpaper be a wizard? It'd be pretty neat if I could tap the end of the wizard's staff and have my phone LED light up...
    (yes I am that kind of nerd)

    Moving on: Is there any way to calibrate auto-brightness? I love the idea behind it, but sometimes I find it just gets unnecessarily bright. Maybe I don't want 30% brightness, I can get by just fine with 10%. Is there any way to adjust it to my liking without just manually setting it?

    That's all for now... so glad I made the switch from blackberry to android.


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