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A few questionsGeneral

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  1. nabeeleinstein

    nabeeleinstein Well-Known Member

    hey all
    I'm new in this forum :)

    I have a few questions about the phone

    1. After rooting the phone and removing mmx crap does the phone free up enough ram for a little multitasking ?

    2. Does mxplayer have hw acceleration support in videos?

    3. I listen to lots of music, download stuff, browse a lot , movies sometimes,
    simple bird games
    should I buy this phone?


  2. nabeeleinstein

    nabeeleinstein Well-Known Member

    no answer guys??
  3. nabeeleinstein

    nabeeleinstein Well-Known Member

    guys I need some assistance here
    no reply yet ?
  4. anirudhcrao

    anirudhcrao Active Member

    Bro chillax! Multitasking can be done but not as much as any high end gig! So I suggest you buy MMX A110 or higher models!!
    (Me using this one) :)
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  5. nabeeleinstein

    nabeeleinstein Well-Known Member

    Thanks man
    I didn't have more budget and lil bro wanted my galaxy y
    so I bought it
    haven't played with it yet

    let's see what can be tweaked ;)
  6. sooraj87

    sooraj87 Well-Known Member

    mx player plays upto 480p in hw+ mode smoothly..higher size will drag.. (not exactly the hw mode)..but does well..video playback wont disappoint..game s difficult to run...angry birds n asphalt 5 hd worked..nothng higher than that..music needs gud headfones( i use nokia) and an equaliser..
  7. MaxV

    MaxV Member

    The easiest option..
    Partition your SDCard using 'Minitool Partition Wizard Home Edition' and create a linux swap. Use Swapper2 to use this partion as swap. Follow this procedure indicated here. Only thing I suggest is use a good quality microSD card with class6.

    You would love :smokingsomb: this phone.
  8. nabeeleinstein

    nabeeleinstein Well-Known Member

    haha thanks man but I know about that :)
    I was asking before I bought the phone
    and well I bought it yesterday

    seems nice for now
    will work on the ROM soon

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