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  1. robomo

    robomo Member

    Just bought a Casio Commando - in the mail, but anxiously waiting for it!

    The first thing that comes to mind for accessories is a floating case - maybe wood perhaps?

    I've not been able to find anything, but I seriously think there's a huge market for a floatable case for the Commando.

    It's shock proof and waterproof already, why not make it float? :D

  2. john58ford

    john58ford Well-Known Member

    Well from experiments and common sense, it takes a large volume of air to float the comando relative to its size. You can make it just about neutraly bouyant with the material found on one beer cozy. Maybe if you could cut and stitch something like that and add a retractable ID card lanyard with a boat type floating keychain tethered to it you would be able to fish it out. The sad part is I recomended to a friend interested in the phone that he find a floating case to compliment his duck hunting hobby, came home and started trying it. It only takes half a beer cozy to cover the back and sides of my commando, and even if I were to take the time to stitch one up all pretty it would make the phone too large even for my taste. Maybe a retractable lanyard tethered to a floating wallet? Again, not my taste but more feasable.

    Good luck,
  3. robomo

    robomo Member

    beer cozy sounds like an option.

    Other one I was thinking would be some kind of Balsa wood "hard case". Will have to experiment - if I do find something comfortable and at least neutrally buoyant I'll report back
  4. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    Nerf.... Nerf always floats.
  5. jfever311

    jfever311 Well-Known Member

    If you do use wood, might I suggest using balsa. It is a durable hard wood that has a very high buoyancy. Most of the old time top water fishing lures were balsa. Seems like it would be a good choice for your purpose.

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