A general Android gripe. any solution?

  1. dmoss74

    dmoss74 Well-Known Member

    I love the os, but there is one glaring misstep that i can see. if anyone knows of a software or hardware fix, please let me know.

    i hate bluetooth when traveling, and like to use a corded headset to dial and talk. the evil fruit phone has the easy feature of just hitting the mic trigger, saying "call so and so" and then the phone dials. then after the call, one click and the phone is off.

    this feature also kicks in from a locked screen.

    android's comparable solution? ugh...first, the phone has to be unlocked (seriously sucks), then you can hit the trigger and say "call so and so" with vlingo, voice dialer etc. but vlingo only gives a visual response, not good fro driving.

    plus (and it seems worse after the gingerbread update) the hanging up a call is not always accomplished with one hit of the trigger button.

    has nobody written a good app to match the apple voice dialer app? it's the one area i can think of that apple has on the android os.

    it sucks too, because i want to use my phone for work (i drive a lot), but can't take my eyes off the road that much.

  2. dylo22

    dylo22 Well-Known Member

    vlingo comes with a "in car" app that let's you dial/text hands free. You wake vlingo up by saying "hey vlingo" and then proceed with a command such as call or text. It's not exactly what your looking for, but I think it's better than other solutions.
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