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A good camcorder replacement app?

  1. HikerMan

    HikerMan Member

    Hi! Recently I downloaded TapeMachine from the market, and it's great compared to the quality you get from the standard 'Voice Recorder' app you get as stock. This led me to looking to find a video recording app which is better than the stock, but I actually couldn't find one at all; my main problem with the stock is the poorly recorded audio quality.
    So, anyone know of a good 'camcorder' app? I am not worried about the video being enhanced particularly, just the sound quality really (one that can get closer to matching that of TapeMachine) because it clearly is capable?

  2. For what phone?
  3. HikerMan

    HikerMan Member

    HTC Desire, surely there would be a universal market app?
  4. No there isnt. there are a few camcorder apps, but none of them are better than the stock one.

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