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  1. iamjulian

    iamjulian New Member

    I have never had a smart phone before (current phone looks like it came from a Christmas cracker) but am about to buy one. Have found an Android phone that ticks all my boxes but I have a query that is stopping me buying and I cannot find a consistent answer and it could be a deal breaker.

    Basically, GPS is really important for me as I want to be able to use an app like Strava to go out running and map my routes. However, I am going to "pay as you go" for the odd text message and receiving/making calls in an emergency, and use wifi 99% of the time. The phone I have seen lists the GPS type as A-GPS. I understand this makes for a quicker fix than standard GPS on a phone, however, how will it work away from wifi?

    If I start running from home I can use my home wifi to get a fix, but then will it continue to track as I move away from the wifi source? And what about if I want to start it tracking away from a wifi source? From what I read, you can switch off the A-GPS, but does this mean it just uses standard GPS? In other words, is an A-GPS enabled phone exactly the same as a GPS enabled phone if you switch the A-GPS off? Can it still get a radio signal from the satellites?

    The phone manufacturer said, "the phone will require connection to the Internet in order to obtain data regarding your positioning at that moment in time though this may vary depending on the application."

    That makes it sound like an A-GPS phone is no good for me?
    Many thanks

  2. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    I think that they are trying to say that many apps need data(=internet) in order to be able to use it together with your gps.

    Like google maps needs internet to show you the route, and it needs the GPS to find your correct position. However you can store these routes on your phone, so you won't need a date connection all the time.

    Another example is the app 'avertinoo', with data connection it says how many people with this app are driving in front and behind you and it will also communicate with other drivers through data. If data is turned off it will only show you your driving speed and risk zones for radars.

    If the information that data would normally give is stored on your phone, you are just fine with GPS only.
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  3. iamjulian

    iamjulian New Member

    Thank you, that makes sense. The phone says it has AGPS only where other phones say GPS only, or AGPS & GPS. I just wondered whether if you switch the AGPS bit off (which I believe you can do) can it still connect to satellites/does it still have the ability to track on cached maps?

    Are we saying an AGPS only phone does not become as good at tracking as a brick if it has no internet (3g/wifi) connection.

    Thank you
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    If its AGPS only, there is no GPS chip/receiver on the phone. No location or positioning without internet connection.

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