A heads up on bluetooth headphones amd batteries

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    I would suggest before storing them that you fully charge them! I had a pair of motorola s305 stereo bluetooth headphones and blew out one of the speakers. I set them aside till I got around to replacing the speaker and forgot to periodically charge them. When I went to fix and charge them 4 months later, the battery would not take a charge.

    Some batteries are funky like that, it's hit or miss. Some batteries cannot be allowed to remain uncharged for extended periods of time and this includes phone batteries.

    I had the same thing happen on a droid x, I left the battery in and stored the phone for a couple of months, next thing you know I went to use it and the battery was puffed up!

    This isn't a well known issue, it took me hours to find this info on google back a few months ago when that happened to my droid x.

    Better to be safe than sorry. Just charge your headphones once in a while when not in use and when it comes to smartphones, charge the battery and remove it from the phone before storage, if your phone has a removable battery. If your phone does not have a removable battery and you want to store it, just be sure to charge ot once in awhile, maybe at least once a month.

    I realize most times things will be fine because I have stored things in the past like headphones and phones without charging and they were fine when I went to use them. It's just better to be safe than sorry. It could be a motorola thing.

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    I'm kinda embarrassed here. The headphones took a charge after all. When I normally plug in my headphones, the light blinks red a couple of times then to a solid red. The headphones awaiting repair just kept blinking red. I assumed it was the battery.

    After I created this thread, I got it in my head to leave them plugged in anyways and the charged!

    However, it is true about the droid x battery. Since then I have followed my own advice regarding the storage of devices and batteries.

    And though the headphones were alright, I will still practice the advice in this thread for both devices and accessories. :)

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