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  1. Woodoo

    Woodoo New Member


    just released Angry Bots 3D for HTC Evo 3D :D

    It's just Angry Bots (a Demo app for Unity Developers) modified to use 3D. Expect some real games with 3D support from me (if anyone has a good idea for a 3D game just tell me).

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  2. RichboyJhae

    RichboyJhae Well-Known Member

    How do we enable the 3D?
  3. Woodoo

    Woodoo New Member

    It's enabled by default and there is no option to disable it.
  4. RichboyJhae

    RichboyJhae Well-Known Member

    I guess my phone's broke-ded then.. :/. Graphics are quite impressive though
  5. rickthestick

    rickthestick Member

    Works perfectly on mine and looks super cool in 3D. Nice job, thanks.
  6. mak916

    mak916 Well-Known Member

    Great game! But where is the menu and instructions? And how do you exit?
  7. Woodoo

    Woodoo New Member

    The whole thing is just a demo which comes with Unity, there is no menu and no instructions. I just added support for the 3D screen and didn't changed anything else.

    To exit simply press home
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  8. falconey

    falconey Well-Known Member

    cool looking game, thx
  9. ProfeZZor X

    ProfeZZor X Well-Known Member

    Great job... Downloaded and working just fine.

    My suggestions for 3D conversions would be Plants vs Zombies (if possible) and Samurai II.
  10. rockyyrem

    rockyyrem Member

    Looks great! Can't wait for more games like this
  11. stanglifemike

    stanglifemike Well-Known Member

    There is already a 3d version of Samurai 2 out there. I found it on a awesome site called Droid Appz
  12. ProfeZZor X

    ProfeZZor X Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I'll be sure to check it out as soon as I finish writing this post. My only question/concern is if it'll affect the market bought version that I already purchased, and if it'll screw something up.

    Another choice that might be spectacular in 3D is Dear Hunter... I have the demo version, but the landscaping is rendered similarly to Let's Golf 2.

    EDIT: Looks like the file didn't want to install properly. I've tried a couple of times, and I keep getting the same error message. It reads: "Application not installed".
  13. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX Well-Known Member

    I tried it and it looks pretty good for a hacked together beta demo for 3D on your Unity engine. I'm looking forward to seeing what developers do with this. I'm assuming that the implementation is very easy?

    In general, sometimes 3D doesn't kick in properly (movies, videos, etc.), and it takes a restart of the phone.

    I think this demonstration is only an indication of what is possible for developers using the Unity engine (UNITY: Android ), so only new games or prior games developed on Unity can possibly have 3D functionality. A game like plants v. zombie is a separate IP developed by a different developer using their own 2D engine (3D games are much easier to develop 3D for because you just rerender another image from a slightly different perspective for 3D, but 2D based games are much much harder).
  14. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    I tried this out last night... it just had me raising my eyebrow thinking, 'Surely the 3D can perform better than this...'. Its hovering in the 25-30 range, which is better than the clunky ones gameloft can say, but I still find it hard to believe that the new Adreno 220 can barely muster that. I would like a STEADY 30 in 3D, then NO LOWER than 30 in 2D.

    My only major gripe about the fps being lower than 30 is because it very quickly starts making a heavy impact on the responsiveness of any controls.
  15. asiangolfer

    asiangolfer Well-Known Member

    street fighter 4 in 3D please!
  16. ProfeZZor X

    ProfeZZor X Well-Known Member

    IS there a Streetfighter 4 for the EVO?

    Believe it or not, I downloaded the 3D video for that game, which is currently on my 3DVO, and it looks amazing. That, among other YT3D movies were the first that I ended up putting on the phone o watch.

    Although what would make it even sweeter is to have the actual 3D version of the game itself.

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