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  1. Staceymobiler

    Staceymobiler Member

    Hi all, you may have seen me about on these forums before. Basically I'm one of the Samsung Mobilers for the UK.

    I've got a chance to go to MWC 2012 in Barcelona (which of course i could report back on all the latest mobile news), but i just need people to watch my video on the galaxy note and maybe give me some feedback? (it's a demo video for samsung really to show i'd be suitable to go to MWC) I'd be very grateful.

    I'll also have plenty of other samsung reviews on my channel and are willing to take requests for videos/blogposts of any features on the following samsung gadgets: Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung 3D bluray player and Samsung Series 7 Chronos laptop.

    Heres the video: Samsung Galaxy Note #mobilersmwc2012 - YouTube

    Many Thanks in advance

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  2. 1080p

    1080p Well-Known Member

    Get a better camera/microphone combo... I only made it 10 seconds in before I closed it.
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  3. Staceymobiler

    Staceymobiler Member

    Thats fair enough, i only do this in my spare time though. the first intro bit was recorded on a hp webcam while the rest was video in 1080p on the Galaxy Nexus. Unfortunately google compresses it a little and so the quality gets degraded. Thanks for taking the time to have a look though
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  4. B2L

    B2L Well-Known Member

    Not a bad video at all. :) In my opinion the microphone wasn't all that bad, but the picture quality could be a bit better. You are pretty lucky to be a Samsung Mobiler, I wish I could. That must be amazing. :)
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  5. Staceymobiler

    Staceymobiler Member

    I must admit it is amazing! :) thanks for your feedback and taking the time to check my video out. Very much appreciated
  6. Staceymobiler

    Staceymobiler Member

    hi all! Just a big thank you to all who watched my video and gave me feedback. I made the cut...IM GOING TO BARCELONA and MWC!!!
  7. B2L

    B2L Well-Known Member

    Congrats! That must be awesome. I wish I could go to MWC.

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