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  1. Amari

    Amari Member

    Hello everyone. Im new to the whole Android thing and need some help.

    Currently I have an LG Banter and I am looking to upgrade to a Android phone. Im aware that you need to switch to either a $50 or $60 plan(Im on a $40 plan right now). There are only two lines on the bill so I was wondering would my mother have to switch to a $50/$60 even though she's not getting an android phone?

    Also I would like to get one of Metro's newer 4G phones. I was told by a friend that 4G is an extra $20 added to the bill. Is that true? And for my last question, could someone explain the data plan to me? I dont really understand what it all includes. For example is there only a certain amount of time I could be on the internet or a certain amount of apps I can download?

  2. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Hello Amari and welcome to Android Forums!

    No she would not have too. Only which ever line upgrades to an Android.

    And no youre friend is mis-informed. For Androids that arent 4g theres a 50 and 60 dollar plan, but also for 4g phones on Metro there is 50 and 60 dollar plans for 4G LTE phones. I currently have an LG Esteem and pay $60 for the "no cap" data plan. But if you want you can get the 50 if you dont want to pay 60 which is just as good.

    Here's MetroPCS' plan rates All the ones to the far right in orange are the 4G plans. The $40 dollar 4G plan does not apply to Android devices. Only the $50 and $60. Hope this helped you :)
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  3. Amari

    Amari Member

    Thanks for the welcome and the answer. I was kind of worried that getting a 4G phone was out of my budget. Im glad it isnt. Thanks again.:)

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