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  1. justtom

    justtom Well-Known Member

    So this might help you folks with lock ups and reboots.My brother-n-law was getting constant reboots and lock ups since he updated to B08c he told me over lunch that he took it too Radio shack and the fellow there said he could fix it for him but it would not be any part of radio shack it would be him just doing it for him because he builds and works on computers and phones as a hobby on the side.Fast forwarding he reformatted his sd card wiped it clean there in the store then did a Factory data reset from settings.Told my brother to never root the warp it just wont take to it nice,its just the way it is,and to leave it set to B08c and for some odd reason when it rebooted it had B08c installed,he went home that night and set it up to his liking with go launcher,go contacts,custom set his icons and gestures installed dolphin browser along with all his songs and movies over 900 combined has not had one lock up or reboot since 213.6 hrs running says it smother and faster then when he fist bought it.So if you tried everything else then what can this hurt other the re istalling every app manually back in said it took a few hours at night while watching tv.I wonder if it auto updated itself to B08c and its more stable then the online method.If you try post back your results.:thumbup:

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  2. aenoch

    aenoch Well-Known Member

    Mine is perfect on roof it slows dpwn.sometimes if i habe alot of apps in my recent tabz o just restart the phone its never rebooted by its self he shpuld rpot it again and see what happens
  3. justtom

    justtom Well-Known Member

  4. primetech

    primetech Well-Known Member

    Friends don't let friends use the default, XT9 keyboard.
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  5. peggysd

    peggysd New Member

    I'll give it a whirl & post back my results. This is my 2nd Zte Warp & I am soooo sorry I bought this pos:mad:!
  6. ptmarzullo

    ptmarzullo Well-Known Member

    Too funny Primetech. Personally I do not even use Swype. I find Touchpal to be the best and I have them all...again Touchpal just seems to be the smoothest and with the least amount of mistakes and good autofill.
  7. ptmarzullo

    ptmarzullo Well-Known Member

    I just did one last week ! With killer results. My phone was rebooting constantly and just was getting worse. Even the battery was dying 1-3 hours. I had no choice. I done it several times...but this time I loaded only the apps I use daily. The other 50+ apps that I might of looked at once, I did not install. None the less, I have had only one reboot in about a week and it was when I used my camera ? really think it was just a hiccup because I tried it several more times and it worked perfectly. Battery life is better than ever. I charge it once at night and it gets me through the entire day with moderate to heavy use. I am running go launcher, but did not install go contacts and go notification and go sms like I had before. Those really did not make that much of a theme difference and I felt other than go lauchers, the rest ate up battery and seemed to be laggy. So I have a custome theme, icon pack, transitions, etc...just left my contact, and sms stock, and again the phone just seems to be humming. Just an fyi. Seems like a good old factory reset and a fresh install of your apps, launchers etc...using care not to overload your phone with useful apps. helps if not cures the reboot issue. :D
  8. Trimbaud

    Trimbaud Well-Known Member

    I hope it works for you, but i think you may as well just bury bury a potato in the backyard, or say some incantations, or hang a pyramid over the warp. Justtom, do you work for boost?
  9. justtom

    justtom Well-Known Member

    Lmao,no just very happy with my and my kids warp.never had any probs other than the minor set back when I first updated and I use this unit hard daily its to bad you have a lemon,because its a great phone.
  10. Trimbaud

    Trimbaud Well-Known Member

    Im hoping this replacement works, bc i like the phone when it stays on!
  11. xman95

    xman95 Well-Known Member

    Hard reset? My phone gave me problems after the B08c update. And the phone wasn't rooted b/c I didn't have the drivers for a few weeks. Then I decided to root it to see if I could do other things and the Reboots just keep coming for no reason. I don't even have to do anything, I can hear when it decides to reboot. I find that it happens most frequently when using wifi and the background sync option enabled.
  12. ecoul77817

    ecoul77817 New Member

    Thanks for the info. I have been experiencing at least one forced close a day for the last month or so. I followed your instructions this afternoon... and so far so good. I will say that the phone forced closed while I was changing settings on Google+, so I uninstalled this program. Also, the phone appears to operating more quickly and the default volume was louder than when I first received the phone, even before installing Equalizer (though I still installed it and boosted the volume further). Finally, I've been using GoLauncher and it's awesome that it back's up your settings... though I did have to reinstall several widgets as the restore function came up with "Could Not Configure" where the widget should have been installed.

    I'll post again when I have my first force close... hopefully that won't be for a long time!

    Beyond this one issue, I love my Warp!
  13. justtom

    justtom Well-Known Member

    Glad it worked
  14. OlsonConnor

    OlsonConnor Well-Known Member

    I did this and I will give you report later on if it worked or not, thanks!

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