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A question about offline use for the experts...Support

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  1. SquareBare

    SquareBare Active Member

    So I've been reading up a lot on this thing and I decided I really dig it.

    For the longest time, I was hunting around for an iPod touch like device with Android that I could use offline while travelling and check email and stuff later when I got to a wifi hub. The streak seems just perfect for what I want.

    My question to you guys: Is it feasible to use the streak or any other Android completely offline for this purpose?

    I know there are Apps that cache satnav maps and allow you to navigate totally without 3G data. I also know that some other apps will require you to have an internet connection to use them, but do lots of them require this?

    Also, I looked up the QWERT text only plan and saw that it works on any unlocked GSM phone! So 400 texts / month for fractions of what verizon or AT&T charges works for me.

    See, my company provides a cellphone, but they are on verizon and I don't think they will be getting me a HTC incredible anytime soon. So I was looking at this to complement my free phone access when I have to travel.

    Also why is it that major carriers force you to have a 3G plan on their smartphones? Is it a technical reason? Or are they just being greedy?

    Any insight you guys have on running the phone off the grid would be appriceated! Thank you.

  2. SquareBare

    SquareBare Active Member

  3. SquareBare

    SquareBare Active Member

  4. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    The new AT&T data plan for 200M @ $15 would work for what you want, not sure if you have to get a voice plan too. But Wifi minutes are free, so if you only connected for Wifi hotspots you wouldn't have to worry about overages.
  5. SquareBare

    SquareBare Active Member

    I'm just not gonna use any data plan at all. And just use the device between wireless hubs. And frankly 200m wouldn't cut it at all for what I would like to do, stream radio, movies etc.

    Nah, just gonna skip the data for good.
  6. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    I am averaging about 250M now, withOUT Wifi on my blackberry, I stream music during my mornings, but if you can connect to a Wifi hotspot without any plan that would be great too.
  7. SquareBare

    SquareBare Active Member

    Hmm, even while streaming, that's not too bad. I love my pandora though, and would listen to it for hours on end given the chance to on the road.

    And yeah, the streak is gonna be sold unlocked from dell.com so no plan or AT&T lockin will be necessary.

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