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A question to all those with a GT-N7000 (Note 1)General

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  1. Galaxynote_guy

    Galaxynote_guy Well-Known Member

    Just wondered how long you'd had it and now that you have had them a while, what do you think? Here's my take on it...

    I got mine in May 2012 so it was quite a thing back then :D
    I have enjoyed pointing out to all my friends that I was right. They made fun of the size of the phone, but since then, they have all gotten bigger phones as manufacturers cotton on to the fact that as people consume more data on their phones, they need a decent sized piece of hardware to enjoy it. It's all very good having a 3.5 inch screen so it fits in your pocket, but a phone these days spends more time in a hand being looked at, then it does in a pocket.
    To me.... the phone is not big and I still wonder what people are going on about when they hold it and declare in a daft voice "It's massive" (The phone... I'm obviously on about the phone ;) ) To me, the iPhone 4s and 5 seem tiny, The S2, again tiny and the S3 just about does it.

    I am running Go Launcher EX instead of touchwiz and I have to say, apart from a few hangs (2 or 3 a month) and the odd inexplicable action it has been solid as a device.

    I hardly use my S-pen. I think that is a lifestyle thing. I'm a sales manager and I find it easier to use my finger day to day

    Sometimes my SD card will unmount itself. No idea why but it's an easy fix to simply mount it again.

    Auto Rotate is a ball ache because it is quite slow. I don't mean slow getting to the rotated screen, I mean when it has triggered and you dont want landscape view but where you haven't turned the function off it decides it's going to anyway. Normally when you place the note on a table to read something and it flips so you have to either pick it up and wait or drag down the notification bar and turn it off. Both methods result in a 5-10 second wait.
    No idea what can be done about it, just saying.

    The volume rocker and power button being opposite each other is actually a valid gripe. When they mentioned it in the first reviews, I was like "Well just hold it different" You can't really.

    It might be because I have a lot of contacts in my phone (Work & social) but from selecting the call function to selecting a contact, to getting to the green call button can take what feels like ages. Not sure if that is a note thing or a Go Launcher/Note thing but it takes a while to have a good think.

    Easily the best phone I have ever had, by miles. It still attracts interest and it still impresses people but more importantly, it is still one of the most powerful devices out there that actually works in the real world, even after I've messed about with every setting under the sun.

    I sometimes feel that us Note 1 owners have been kinda dropped by Samsung with regards to updates and the like. It's almost like we were the original 5 million guinea pigs and the proper effort has been put into the Note 2 but thats the way of the world it seems.

    How many of you have rooted? I haven't but I'm sure I will on my quest to keep the GT-N7000 fresh over the next 12 months of my contract :D

    Any further insights from people who have lived with it day to day in the real world as opposed to a tester for a magazine or blog ;)

  2. Crodee

    Crodee New Member

    I think for me, the size has become normal, but when I want to do something, people often ask: "What's that?!". But after joking with them for a moment, they all get interested and in the end, they like it :)
    I hardly even use the S-Pen, although it's a very useful feature when you want do draw something - what I sometimes do :)
    And to answer your question: I have not rooted it ;)
  3. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

    The volume and power buttons thing is indeed a silly idea and I just wish Samsung had placed the power button on top of the device.

    I'm using the stock launcher and haven't noticed any lag with contacts or any issues with the screen rotation.

    I use the s-pen a lot and find it incredibly useful, not only for taking notes on the go, but also for navigating websites. Websites that have mouse over drop down menus are a breeze when using the s-pen.

    I'm not presently rooted but I will probably root at some point in the future. I'm now waiting for the JB update and hope it will be here soon.

    Overall, I'm very happy with my Note and must say it's the best device I've ever had by miles. The extra screen real estate was the reason I went with the Note as I do a lot of work on the web.

    I still get comments from folks who have never seen one and after showing them what it can do, most people seem to be impressed.
  4. Vipfreak

    Vipfreak Well-Known Member

    I've had mine since June. and I've been enjoying every second of it. There are times when I feel like my Note is getting small which is odd. To combat that all I have to do is pick up any other phone (lulz). I've always used Launcher Pro and I also heart folder organizer. The only time I really use the S-Pen is to take screenshots. I wish there was a widget that sat on the screen where I could immediately start writing. The note app is just a bit cumbersome for quick notes which I'd use a lot. I found an app called Profile Scheduler which has replaced and probably exceeded what NFC could do for me. Lastly, I am rooted.

    BTW, If you guys haven't already... Do yourself a favor and get a 64gb micro SD card (format to fat32) and a USB OTA!
  5. fairycorpse

    fairycorpse Active Member

    I can never go back to a smaller phone. I've had this phone for 3 months and won't upgrade except maybe to note 2.

    I love the extra memory too. I've got so many apps. The phone still runs fast.

    I've done several homework assignments.I've aced several tests thanks to this phone.

    Fantastic pictures & so much fun doing stuff with the pictures and Smemo! I've had so many compliments on my pictures.

    I'm use to the volume control now.I've had some freezing issues, black screen...I've been able to trace all of them back to specific apps I've downloaded.I removed the apps and the problems went away.

    I prefer to write over typing. But I'm waiting on more screen protectors. My last screen protector interfered with my stylus. But they also weren't for this phone either. Got them from ebay and they weren't what I was told.
  6. RetiredCPO

    RetiredCPO Member

    The Note is my first "real" smart phone. I am very, very happy with it and cannot imagine using any other phone than this.
  7. whywhy00

    whywhy00 Member

    The problem I have in my note is when you at pattern screen..the screen seem offsize..do you guys get this error too?
  8. Galaxynote_guy

    Galaxynote_guy Well-Known Member

    Pattern Screen :confused:
  9. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    It's not an error.

    Settings > One-handed operation > Unlock pattern

    This is on Jelly Bean but I think the setting is the same on ICS.
  10. rameshkarthik

    rameshkarthik Member

    I am owning this beautiful phablet for more than a year. I am not yet rooted. This is my first smart phone. I want to clear one thing for sure: "I just lovethis device"

    However I do face some issues like some lag in the phone. But I have to say that I download apps like hell. May be this might be the root cause for it.

    I am still on gingerbread. I don't know whether this is the right place to ask this question:

    Without rooting the phone, is it possible to take a backup of my entire gingerbread rom so that I can restore it later. When this phone came out with the gingerbread (a version I don't remember), its battery life was so good. With the updates to the gingerbread the battery life is not so good. This is one of the reason for me to not to switch to ICS.
  11. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    Certainly the cause. The more apps running in the background the slower the phone will run as it has to keep killing and launching applications when nearing the memory limit. Note, it's not to do with the amount of apps you have but a few that persistently run. The main cause is social apps and others that want to provide you with notifications. You can normally turn off the notifications in the apps settings.

    You might be able to do this with Kies but I don't use it so can't say for sure. The only other way I know of to do a complete ROM backup is to do a nandroid backup in ClockWorkMod recovery but this will mean replacing the Samsung recovery with CWM.

    Another thing you might not be aware of is you can always install a stock Samsung ROM though Odin at a later date which will put the phone back at factory state but obviously without your modifications.
  12. peter ho

    peter ho New Member

    I got the Samsung Note a year ago after it was launched in Malaysia and has been automatically updated from Gingerbread to ICS OS. It was great that Samsung thinks of its users. But then this time around.... it is like ages waiting for Jelly Bean to come.... Has it slipped from our fingers? Day after day now I press the update button to see if we are on but no......

    Anyway I have got most of my friends buying a note as we are photographers and it is great flashing around with our photos in the note screen.

    Samsung you have been great... why not be great all the way and do not keep us waiting........ we want Jelly Bean......
  13. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    lol, no point pressing that update button yet. Samsung said a few months ago it would be the end of the year after they have finished updating some other devices, could be as late as January. Leaks of the JB ROM are coming through thick and fast so they are clearly still working on it. The leak I'm currently using is very stable so it shouldn't be long now.
  14. ayongkot

    ayongkot Well-Known Member

    i bought my note october 2010 and since then, i always upgrade the os immediately whenever a leak is available. i am not a technical person but i never had a problem changing os every now and then because i follow instructions to the letter (better be careful than sorry). currently i am on leaked JB XXLSC and since the day my note arrived, i immediately rooted it and i will be doing it on Note 2 once i will have decided to upgrade. i love everything on this phablet and have in fact purchased several paid apps. regarding battery life, i didn't see any major difference between gingerbread, ics and jb. i personally think what you do during the upgrade will affect battery life. just my personal observation.
  15. Mfs2

    Mfs2 Member

    I have upgraded my note to jb and now battery takes long time to charge and also drain out quickly. What can I do to solve this problem...
  16. tdodd

    tdodd Well-Known Member

    Had my SIM free Note for 13 months. Running the latest officially released ROM. Rooted. Very happy with it. No need to think about upgrade/replacement for a long while. Note 2 does not seem much progress to me. Reducing pixel count rarely does.
  17. newbie4

    newbie4 Well-Known Member

    yes we want upgrade but for me the best will be long long battery so only charge once a week on using wifi with broswer and youtube
  18. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    This is how I generally start off feeling about every "other" phone. It'd have to be one heck of an upgrade for me to jump on it. BUT then I get a look at it, and all bets are off; I gotta have it. LOL!
    I wanted it badly but wasn't willing to switch carriers for the Note 1.
    I didn't see anyone with it til after it had been on AT&T for a few months and when I did, boy did envy set in.

    I hang out primarily in the Note 2 forums but reading this thread makes me appreciate the Note 2 even more cause you folks with the original paved the way for me. AND top that with the Note 1 STILL being a beast of a phone!
  19. unwantedx10

    unwantedx10 Active Member

    People always aked me: Is that a PHONE? ( they though its a NOOK) but since super bowl comercial, it turned around. Ppl started liking my phone since they saw it on TV. I had this phone since Dec 2011 ( white color) as of today Im still enjoying it every day. I checked out the NOTE II on Black friday, but didnt like it much because the screen a bit NARROWER than this NOTE. Size does matter for me because Im blind so this note is very helpful to read and play game. I rarely use my Spen at all, my finger does faster :).
  20. juliar

    juliar Member

    Have had the Note for 3 months (since October 2012) and still really like it. Have to admit I came from a BBY, so anything would have been better. I bought the Note specifically because of the handwriting input. Was an avid Palm and Clie user in the stone ages, and couldn't figure out why developers had abandoned that input method and forced everyone to a keyboard. Love the input - I go between the S-pen and my finger depending on how long a message I'm sending.
    I too have noticed the lag, and the increased RAM usage. I've ditched, disabled and brute force stopped many background apps - but some keep coming back. I've tried a couple of RAM increase widgets, but they seem to suck up any of the gained RAM.
    Anyone have a good way to keep some of the background junk from running? There are some I think I could probably disable, but not 100% sure it wouldn't cause issues.
    I get the same teasing about the size, but I ask people how many devices they carry? A phone, a tablet and/or an e-reader? I carry one. Conversation ended.

    One thing I noticed you mentioned was the number of steps to make a call. Have you tried just opening Contacts and right-swiping on a name? I've never gone through the other method. I also find I can call someone right from the messages screen when I'm getting tired of texting back and forth - just right swipe on the name.
    Same in reverse, from either contacts, messages or even missed calls you can left swipe to send a message. You may already know this, but thought it might be useful.
  21. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

  22. Galaxynote_guy

    Galaxynote_guy Well-Known Member

    The old girl fell over last night :(
    No idea why... I was playing a game and the phone just died....It didn't shut down, it just turned off.
    I assumed it was a glitch of some sort, rebooted and it was fine. That was until I unplugged the charger when it just stopped again.
    I tried to fire it up again but it would simply crash again during the boot up cycle.
    I've had to exchange it :(
    I noticed a few days ago some very odd battery useage figures....Dumping charge one minute (100% down to 65% in about 5 mins or charging from 13% to full in ten minutes :confused: )
    and I also noticed some very odd vertical flicker lines, like the device was trying to auto adjust the screen brightness
    Anyway, the fact that I've had to exchange it does in no way dampens my enthusiasm for this device. It's simply immense and once my carrier finally releases JB I look forward to completing the last 8 months of my contract.

    Any other stories out there?

    Mikey :cool:
  23. tdodd

    tdodd Well-Known Member

    Those symptoms sound more like a duff battery than a duff phone based on various forum posts I've seen.

    Mine is still running perfectly, 15 months since purchase and still on the original battery, but not everyone is so fortunate.
  24. Vipfreak

    Vipfreak Well-Known Member

    Mine has developed Jealousy issues... (Dad and best friend have a Note 2) I keep encountering minor annoying issues. The biggest one is that sometimes the WiFi won't stay on/connected (shows no signal) unless I restart the phone then it's normal.
  25. Galaxynote_guy

    Galaxynote_guy Well-Known Member

    Reckon that it is the battery..... Received the replacement handset and the problem persists..:eek:

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