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  1. jugmug

    jugmug New Member

    For the price, the phone is just fantastic! And trust me when I say this, I have used Iphones, ipads and blackberries etc.

    At less than half the price of the galaxy s2, it is actually a better phone that the S2, because it's almost the same! Just a little better.

    The screen is great, touch is smooth and quick. The sound is pretty good (could be louder!). ICS is great OS, and what can I say, it have pretty much everything one wants.

    The front camera at 0.3mp is a little low res, but it's good enough for skype calls. Though not good enough for a facebook profele picture of yourself! :)

    The only things that I have an issue with are battery life and GPS.

    The battery life is not bad, and to be honest, I have wifi on all the time, but after 5-6 hours, I had only 25% charge left. I intend to test the battery life tomorrow with just 3g and normal call usage to see how it lasts.

    The real annoyance is the GPS. Many times it can't get a location fix when stand out in the open with clear sky view. and when it does get it sometimes, it take atleast 45 seconds! Which in phone with 3g and AGPS, should actually be under 5 seconds!

    Anyway, If you are not a big user of GPS, you'll love this phone! The camera is pretty decent too. :)

  2. jugmug

    jugmug New Member

    Strange thing happened today (4th day of owning the A90). I was using the phone earlier, atleast 50% batter still left. I left it on my desk and kept working for about an hour. Pick up the phone to make a call, and it's dead! Will not come to life....!

    So I had to remove the battery from the back, reinsert and restrat with the phone plugged into the power socket. It came back to life, and showed 50% battery. So why and how did it die?

    Anybody else has had this happen?
  3. ksaurabh02

    ksaurabh02 New Member

    try this .. u might see that there is a near the camera at the back .. just press it .. u can feel that gap till down .. put some paper or something .. because of this when u put phone down the battery comes out and phone goes dead.. try and lemme knw if u face again
  4. Biku

    Biku Active Member

    Do you think this phone will survive two years?
  5. bhojo1

    bhojo1 Member

    depens on your handling... if you don't respect it then certainly no but I can say that of any phone... my motorla droid 2 has scratches on gorilla glass :(
  6. mail2sarvo

    mail2sarvo New Member

    M planning to buy a micromax a90 or a110..I knw tht micromax phones are definately value fr money purchase..still i wud lik ur inputs on the below mentioned features for both the fones

    -multitasking -speed and efficiency
    -indoor and nite mode camera quality
    -touch response
    -internet usage comfort
    -Is thr any lag in response
    -avg battery life if used wid a lil gaming(1.5hrs) and some music(~1hr)
    -Heating up of battery on using continuosly
    -any other prominent turnoff?

    Also mail me the response on mail2sarvo@gmail.com if possible.

    TIA :)

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