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  1. astro11

    astro11 New Member

    HTC ChaCha and HTC Status users,

    I'm here today to say that all of you have a great phone. You bought what should be the best android smartphone with a physic keyboard blackberry-like/candybar available in the market. This is, indeed, a nice piece of technology.

    Unfortunately there are a few things that make this great phone something less than it is.

    Bugs and problems like:
    - only 150mb internal space (which make impossible to install a good amount of apps).
    - impossibility to root without using a external hardware that costs $50.
    - impossibility to make overclock and make your ChaCha faster.
    - ridiculous battery life. The dialer sucking all the battery alone.
    - blue exclamation icon problem.
    - widgets problems.
    - bloatware from carriers.
    - and a lot more...

    All of them are being discussed. All these problems and a lot more are about to be totally solved once when the independent developers find a way of porting cyanogenmod ROM to our ChaCha. That's why my request is only one: come to xda-developers forum and post in the general section so the developers can see that they are doing something for more than 10 people. The lack of interested people is a downside and drive away the developers. If we reunite and show that we are willing to cheer them up, we can have great things on our smartphone.

    I'm counting with you.

    Update: adlx and xdbg are two developers that are already creating a custom CyanogenMod to HTC ChaCh. You can even download and try the ROM by yourself! Please, again, I ask you to join the forum and cheer them up, so the development can continue.

    Link for the forum thread and download links: [ROM] SuperOSR and CyanogenMod7 on HTC ChaCha. - xda-developers

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  2. redia

    redia Active Member

    I'm totaly right about all those and that's a pity.

    I don't have any of those. Maybe I'm lucky.
    Where to we need to discuss? xda-developers forum ? What/where is that?
  3. redia

    redia Active Member

  4. astro11

    astro11 New Member

    I thought I couldn't post links yet, but there you go.
    This is exactly the topic where people are struggling to develop something better to us.

    [ROM] SuperOSR and CyanogenMod7 on HTC ChaCha. - xda-developers

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