A simple to-do list??

  1. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    Is it just me or is this phone lacking a simple to-do list? any simple type of notepad would suffice for me.. but I cant find anything remotely close to it.. or am i just not looking right?

  2. bengrulz

    bengrulz Member

    i'm really looking forward to one in widget form... i hope they release the widget sdk soon!
  3. Android0523

    Android0523 Well-Known Member

    There is a software in the market called Quick List, its pretty nice..at least it makes do for me.
  4. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    quick-list is a little too "quick" o.o is there a way to make the text smaller? a whole sentence doesn't even fit on the screen.
  5. mikeeh

    mikeeh Well-Known Member

    You can actually type in instead of "scribbling" your list.
  6. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    right, but is it just me or is the font ridiculously huge when you type.
  7. andonnguyen

    andonnguyen Active Member

    Hey everyone, there is a simple to do list available:


    Follow the above link in your G1 Browser, and enjoy!

    P.S. It is from the same creator, Jeffrey Sharkey, of the iTunes and Amarok (for those Linux fans) Remote.

    Works great on my Tmobile G1 Device!

    Dont forget to check the box next to "unknown sources" in
    Settings > Applications . This will allow you to install applications not in the Android Market.

    =] I would also recommend downloading the iTunes Remote, works perfectly, and I've been able to change the music on my PC and Mac from anywhere in my house using my wireless connection!
  8. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    YES. this is exactly what i need.. not that god forbid ugly QuickList on the android marketplace. how is that program on it.. and this one isn't.
  9. Techno79

    Techno79 Member

    I would certainly love this kind of application when I get my G1. It's such a basic and common application that I'm sure it will be developed by someone soon.
  10. gewgluvr

    gewgluvr Well-Known Member

    I installed to do list ... said it was overwriting previous version???? Installed ... can't find it anywhere.
  11. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    right. its a glitch. turn on Wifi when you download and install. Using the 3g network it somehow doesn't want to install.
  12. pkfasho

    pkfasho New Member

    Didn't work for me :-(
  13. mikeeh

    mikeeh Well-Known Member

    it worked for me. thanks for the link for that alternative To-do-list!!
  14. moe19

    moe19 Member

    it worked for me too..thanks a bunch for sharing the link...i needed this..i dont like the other to do list app that in the market.
  15. andonnguyen

    andonnguyen Active Member

    Youre welcome ;)
  16. Polytrope

    Polytrope New Member

    There are actually a number of to-do lists for Android. One is really powerful but, in my opinion, hard to use. One is so simple it's almost useless. And a couple are in the middle somewhere. My favorite by far is Tag ToDo, which is a very nice Android App.

    More details about these options in a blog post I wrote about the subject, here.

  17. midwinter

    midwinter Member

    That's a really useful post, Polytrope. I found it useful.

    I've migrated to my G1 from a windows mobile and I'm used to using the excellent ListPro. What I'm after is a similar app that would allow me to create a number of reuseable lists. Maybe there's a developer out ther...
  18. Shel

    Shel Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up on this to do list.

    So far, it's the best one out there.

    Still, there are numerous basic features missing, which I hope the developer might add (again, for what's out there, this one is the nicest one I've seen so far)

    What's needed is (for me) alarms, due dates, catagories.... those are a few features that would really make this excellent!

    Also, if it could post reminders on the Google calendar, eliminating the need to view two locations for apps. and to do's...

    Anyways, one can always dream.....
  19. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    when I created this post, there was only that one todo list on the market. People seem to have gotten smart really quick and now theres like tons of todolist style programs. love it. good job androiders!
  20. gnarlyDUCK

    gnarlyDUCK Well-Known Member

    I thought this one had a widgit.. or am i definitely not seeing it.... :confused:
  21. Haruspex

    Haruspex Member

  22. agent0014

    agent0014 Well-Known Member

    is there really no google solution? I use my task list in gmail all the time since it's right there... I can't believe that there's nothing to sync to that pre-installed.
  23. Haruspex

    Haruspex Member

    Well, you can grab the app called "gTasks" from the Market, it syncs with your Google Tasks. However, at the moment it has no List management, you can only select from lists you've already created through the online interface.

    Basically, Google has not opened its API for Tasks along with not releasing their own Tasks application. It's a bit frustrating, we're waiting for them to get on this:

    Astrid Feature Request - Google Tasks sync

    Issue 987 - gdata-issues - Request API for Tasks (in the Google Mail Interface) - Project Hosting on Google Code
  24. Kevan

    Kevan New Member

    I had a Palm Treo. They had a desktop to phone software that worked well. Now I cannot find a task management App that I can run on my desktop and the Droid. I have looked at Shuffle, Astrid, ActionComplete, TagToDo and a few others, but no luck, several of them say they are working on it. Or they are working on a phone to web system.

    The google calendar has a task list but it is pretty lousy.

    I must say, I am a little dissappointed that I am reinventing the wheel for something my very old Palm Treo did.

    Am I missing something? Ultimately I would like to be able to have a task list that my employees could use and that I could also have on my cell phone.
  25. Haruspex

    Haruspex Member

    Astrid syncs with Remember the Milk:
    Remember The Milk

    It's fantastic. AND there is a Gmail plugin available on the site for Remember the Milk.

    Remember the Milk let's you
    Share tasks
    Publish tasks
    Sync with iCal enabled calendars (like Google Calendar, Outlook, Lightning for Thunderbird, etc.)
    RSS Feed
    Smart lists

    You name it. I think it just might be the solution you're looking for, and no hacking or fiddling required. It just works.

    You don't even need the Pro account since Astrid is actually better, IMO, than RTM's official client. Astrid syncs from your phone and the web simultaneously with the push of a button! However, if you like RTM, it's good to donate ;)

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