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  1. rgs

    rgs Well-Known Member

    Looked around but didn't find this problem.
    Turned on my HTC Desire rooted with Leedroid 2.3 and only got the HTC Screen.
    Took out the battery, put it back in and booted with volume down and got to the Recovery Fastboot screen. Went into Recovery and got the Clockworkmod Recovery v2.5.0.7 with the following options:

    Reboot now
    apply sdcard update.zip
    Wipe data factory reset
    Wipe cache partition
    install zip from sdcard
    backup and restore
    mounts and storage

    Wondering where to go. I did make a gold card over a year ago before rooting but (bad me) now can't locate it. Wonder if there is anything else I can do at this point with the above options.


  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    do you have any more info? Had the phone been damaged? Water exposure? Or just a randon issue? Have you noticed the device getting hot?
  3. rgs

    rgs Well-Known Member

    No, the phone hasn't been damaged or exposed to water. Nor has the device been getting any hotter than usual. Yesterday I copied come MP3 files to the computer for the first time as I recently got a car with Bluetooth so I turned on Bluetooth on the phone and paired it with the car. That worked fine. Several times while connecting my phone to the computer with USB I got a message on the computer that there was a problem with the sdcard and did I want Windows to try to fix it. I declined since I didn't know if Windows was diagnosing a real problem and whether it could really fix it if there was. Everything continued to work until this morning when I rebooted it and it wouldn't work.
    As I said I can get into recovery and there are choices there such as
    apply sdcard:update.zip
    and the other choices. I'm just not sure if any will work or make the problem worse.
    I did do a Titanium backup several months ago
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    What ROM do you have? One with a2sd+ i presume? If so, yeah a borked SD card would cause failure to boot. A factory reset would resolve that until you got your SD fixed, but thats data loss.

    Whats your backup routine?
  5. rgs

    rgs Well-Known Member

    I have Leedroid 2.4 with a2sd. I have some titanium backups. So if you think factory reset is the way to go I'll do that and try to restore from a backup.

    I assume then there's no way to fix it in place and keep the data?

    Do you think I should have let Windows fix the problems it found on the sdcard when it offered to do so?

    I tried mounting the system (not sure if that did anything because if anything happened, it happened in a flash) and mounting the sdcard which was successful. When I did I connected to the pc and now can see all the files and directories on the sdcard. Is there something I can do from here such as letting Windows do a fix?

    I've also copied all the directories and files from the phone to my PC.

  6. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    It would need to affect whats on the EXT partition to prevent a boot. But if you have titanium backups, you should be ok. I doubt there is anything we can do without a wipe to fix it. We dont know the cause for definite. Unfortunately the root cause in many cases, can only be determined by knowing which fix was the eventual resolution.
  7. rgs

    rgs Well-Known Member

    Can I just copy back from my pc after wiping?
  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Well if a wipe works, it may mean a broken EXT partition, so you should address that first.
  9. rgs

    rgs Well-Known Member

    The wipe did work. I'm up and running again. Any hints on how to address a broken EXT partition?

    Quick System Info says no information on a2sd storage

    I'm following these instructions I found from you on another thread

    Insert new card and boot recovery
    Mount USB and partition with Gparted
    Copy backup from PC back to card
    Nandroid restore
  10. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Yeah so looks like its the partition. Gparted is the best bet. We have links in the "all things root guide" to using this . setting up with a virtual machine.

    If youve not used it before it may seem daunting, but follow through and its worth it.
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  11. rgs

    rgs Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all your help, Dan. Got the Ext partition set up, reflashed the ROM and restored all my apps and most of my data. I'm a little behind on some of the data but I think I can find and restore it. More frequent backups, of course, is the lesson to learn. Restoring apps and data in Android is not as clearcut as an image restore in Window where everything looks the same when you're done. I guess in Android you have to recreate your screen arrangements and other settings.

    Interestingly enough, when done, Quick System showed me over 90 megs free whereas before the wipe I was always struggling to keep at least 15 megs free. I wonder, are there memory leaks that can only be fixed with a wipe and reflash?
  12. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    The term "Memory Leak" really refers to RAM and an application that uses RAM, not relinquishing it when its finished.

    I suppose cache and dirty data can build up though, wasting uneccessary space. If you use the HTC mail client, I understand even "Trash" or whatever takes up data.

    The most important data for me is sms. I would recommend setting up the app "SMS backup+" which will backup all SMS to your gmail account (in a label of course). It can also do call logs. Very handy

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