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    Mar 16, 2012
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    Alright so ive been using this Free app called Droid VPN (Virtual Private Network) its an app that fools metropcs/ any other carriers from knowing what your surfing on the web through a server. If you don't know what VPN is , don't worry just google / youtube it. This allows you to go on all the websites with out the carrier blocking it.

    Ok so how to use this app-

    First off your phone needs to be rooted / which im assuming it is since most of you are tethering in some way with another app. if your not then look for something else i guess.

    Follow these steps

    1. Go to the Play Store (Android market)
    2. Find Droid VPN and download (has a green icon)
    3. Install
    4. Open Droid VPN
    5. Make an account with Droid vpn (super easy and fast) !
    6. login
    7. press start
    8. go back to the tether app your using and start the tethering
    9. Sit back and enjoy surfing the web with no flaws!!! :)

    ohh yeah ps! after a while u need to upgrade your account for a fee, but its free for the beginning of use, then after they limit you for like 100mb , i suggest
    upgrading for unlimited use.
    Hope this helps! and share this!! thanks! ;)

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    May 6, 2011
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    But even if u use on otger carriers data is still being transmitted so they can block it that way

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