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A "solution" for those of you who have problems connecting to KiesSupport

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  1. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    I, like all of you, have had no end of problems connecting my GS2 to my PC to use within Kies. I dont use Kies for general file management etc. as it's so tempremental, but as I have no intention of rooting my GS2, I do require Kies to check for firmware updates.

    I've posted similar instructions a few times on here before. I now seem to connect successfully 99% of the time.

    1. Early versions of Kies required your phone NOT to be in debugging mode. Ie.
    GB: Go to Settings, Applications, Development, USB Debugging
    ICS: Settings, Developer options, USB Debugging
    For recent versions, this doesn't seem to matter.
    2. Press the Home Key your GS2 and make sure it is not locked. If it is, unlock it.
    3. Plug the USB cable into the PC.
    4. Plug the other end into the GS2.
    5. You will now see a picture of a USB connector entitled MTP Application, with a message on the bottom saying Connected Press home key to quit Samsung Kies.
    6. Keep tapping the screen of your GS2 so that it does not shut off (and possibly activate the phone's lock if you have one set). Keep doing this until you get to step 14 below.
    7. Wait for Windows to pop up an Auto Play window.
    8. Select Open device to view files using Windows Explorer
    9. In the window that this opens, double click Phone.
    10. Keep this window open, minimize it if you want to. If it remains open for any length of time (10+ seconds) then you have a great chance.
    11. Open Kies. As long as Windows Explorer's Phone window is still open then you will probably find Kies detects the GS2.
    12. Kies should now be attempting to connect to your GS2.
    13. Once connected you will see your phone appear in the top left of Kies
    14. Begin using Kies.

    If unsuccessful along any of these step then give it a few attempts. Dont just give up after the first connection failure to do something more drastic. I have had the Auto Play window (point 8) not popping up at all after connection, or it pops up, stays open only for a few seconds, and it closes itself. If this happens, unplug the USB from the GS2 and repeat from step 4.
    If reconnecting the cable at the GS2 end keeps failing after several attempts, unplug both ends of the USB cable and repeat from step 2.
    If this again keeps failing, unplug both ends of the USB cable and try a few more times in another USB port, repeating from step 2. If it still continues to fail each time then more drastic action is required:

    If you can NEVER get your PC to see your GS2
    You need to wipe all existence of Kies from your PC and try again. To do this follow these steps:

    Open up your PC's Device Manager (right click Computer, Properties, Device Manager) then plug in the USB cable and connect cable to GS2. You may find that the device list refreshes every second or two and the device does not get added. If the Auto Play window pops up, then device manager will stop refreshing and you will see your GT-I9100 appear under the Portable Devices section. If Auto Play does not pop up, Device Manager will continually refresh. This indicates a problem:
    1. Uninstall Kies
    2. Run program files\samsung\usb drivers\uninstall.exe (this does not get done on a Kies uninstall)
    3. Reboot
    4. Delete the Samsung folder from Program Files.
    5. If you want to be even more thorough, run a free utility called CCleaner on the files and registry, and if your confident, remove anything that references program files\samsung in the registry using regedit. (You have to know what your doing with regedit, as it is possible to "break" your PC if you do something wrong).
    6. Reboot then reinstall Kies.
    7. Plug in your GS2.

    Personally I think that all these problems we are having do not lie with the Kies software itself, but with Samsung's USB drivers for the device, as I've seen the Auto Play window disappear after a few minutes when not even opening the Kies software, thereby constant refreshing in Windows Device Manager occurs. I dread to think what would occur if this happened in the middle of performing a firmware upgrade!!

    I've never had this much trouble with any Nokia or Sony Ericsson phone in the past.
    Remember, plug+play your GS2 isn't. It's more like plug+pray!
    Get your act together Samsung

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  2. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    why not flash firmware with odin. it's very easy, very safe, and you can do this without having to root your phone.

    Kies is just rubbish.
  3. digi_fort

    digi_fort New Member

    Agreed ......... This does not void the warranty either. Keep following SamFirmWare for latest I9100 updates.
  4. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    I just signed up to SamFirmWare. Found it a little confusing to be honest.

    Can anyone post up a link to the correct latest firmware for me (I'm in UK on Orange) and I'm a bit weary of messing this up!

    Also, if I upgrade the firmware via Odin, what will happen if I later connect to Kies?
    And If I needed to revert back to my original firmware, how would I go about doing this?
  5. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    1. go here:

    [ROM + Guide]Official i9100 Firmwares KF1/2/3/4/, KG1/2/3/5/6/7, KH1/3 Download - xda-developers

    2. scroll down to this bit, it's the latest official firmware on 2.3.4:

    Firmware info

    Date: 27/07/2011
    Android 2.3.4
    OXA Poland: http://www.multiupload.com/W5EX7FO1YY
    XXKG5 Stock Kernel: http://www.multiupload.com/VB3V2ZZ4GW
    Password: intratech@XDA

    3. Use the file on the OXA Poland link

    If you do this, Kies will still recognise your phone and work as before. Although there really would be no need to use Kies anymore.
    Keep a note of your exisiting firmware - all the links are on this site to the files you would need, you can flash back to your old files at any point and be back to where you are now.
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  6. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Thanks Sydney

    So if I wanted to go back to my original firmware, what one would I need?
    My phone is locked to Orange UK, so how would I get this back?

    I'm currently on Android 2.3.3, PDA:I9100BVKG3 / PHONE:I9100BVKG2 / CSC:I9100ORAKG3
    Do I go for KG3 or KG2 as both of these appear in my versions.
    And which do I choose with regards to the first 2 letters on there? Eg. there are sections for XXKG2, ZXKG2, DXKG3 etc...

    Sorry I'm being thick here, but I dont really understand the firmware naming policy.
  7. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Should point out that this is not official Orange firmware and can void your warranty.
  8. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that mate.
    I may just leave it until it trickles through on Kies, as I'm only 1 month into a 24 month contract.
  9. CodeDeveloper

    CodeDeveloper Member

    @hawker: Thanks for the guide. :)

    I've never had to pair Samsung devices to a PC until I got my SGS2, and I have to say I'm appalled by how poor & unreliable their PC software and drivers are.

    It's a pity because the Galaxy S2 itself is a fantastic device - no issues there at all.

    I only use Kies for updating firmware and often have connection problems. Downloads always fail at about 70%, meaning I have to start again :(

    Anyway, I'll try following your guide next time I need to update the firmware.
  10. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    the exact same files are halfway down on here:

    [ROMS]Official i9100 carrier branded firmware download for Odin Flash - xda-developers

    BVKG3: http://www.multiupload.com/AG9DU9L2CJ
    Firmware info: PDA:BVKG3|PHONE:BVKG2|CSC:ORAKG3

    download the package and it would give you the exact 3 files you need and you would be back to square one.

    my understanding is if you do this it MAY effect orange warranty, but as it's official samsung firmware there is still a samsung warranty. however, I think this is one of those urban myths, and although the s2 has only been around for a few months so we don't know for sure, I've yet to hear about anyone having problems and needing to use their warranty anyway. personally it makes me really cross that the carriers are so slow at releasing updates - the only reason they have their own versions is so they can fill them up with their branded bloatware, with apps designed to tie you in to their brand and spend more money with them.

    and if you really do ever develop problems where you would need orange's warranty, it's apparently very easy to by a jig from ebay and there are loads of guides on the internet which show you how to reset the counters on your phone so that orange would never know you've flashed updates yourself.

    i think the risks are theoretical!
  11. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Thanks again Sydney, your a star!

    Initially I had no intentions whatsoever to mess about with it and allow only Kies to update.
    Then I thought I might give it a go, then after what ironass said, thought best to leave it, but now I'm not so sure!!!

    Decisions decisions! I really dont know what to do for the best now. :)
  12. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    I agree Sydney99 that the risks are theoretical.

    As you will not notice from my post, I used the word, "can". However, I feel it is prudent to warn of this possibility if only to make people aware that if they do have to submit their handset for repair, for whatever reason, that this clause exists and that steps need to be taken to mitigate it, as described by you here:-

  13. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    So would the general consensus of opinion be to sod it all, and get the latest firmware via Odin regardless? :D
  14. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    should probably shut up and let you get opinions from others....

    but I have to say, like you, i hummed and harred for ages about whether to do it, was worried about f***ing up my expensive new toy. did it, had heart in mouth and palpitations during the process, but have ended up with a slicker phone with better battery life AND none of the annoying vodafone rubbish. it really is an easy process and I've done it regularly since.
  15. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Right, I'm seriously thinking about upgrading the firmware via Odin now.
    The links Sydney provided above are for KG5
    I've noticed that there is a KH3 out now.
    Which should I go for? If KH3, then what one on that page specifically do I need to download, as I still can't get my head around the naming convention

    I bit the bullet and installed KH3.
  16. shooey

    shooey Member

    I installed Lighting RM v6.1 (upgraded from v5 onwards) and can say nothing but good about it. I was very weary about doing it cos I only had the phone a few weeks and didnt want any problems with it.

    [ROM] Lite'ning Rom v6.1 XXKH3 - Fast as Lightning - xda-developers

    There's the link for the latest version, check it out.
  17. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Very interesting

    Can you tell us a little more on this shooey?
    Where have you noticed differences/improvements etc?

    It says if this is installed, the device will be rooted. Does this mean I cant re-install my standard KH3 firmware back on if I wanted to?
  18. shooey

    shooey Member

    Immediately the device ran faster, smoother and with less delays (although there weren't many delays in the first place). I also noticed an improvement on battery life. I do have a minor problem with auto-rotation for the home screens but it really doesn't bother me that much. Some versions of the Lightning ROM series offer a pre-installed custome launcher - which I liked a lot (with pref. to Go Launcher). However, the latest version didnt include a custom launcher.

    The device will indeed be rooted. However, returning back to stock is as easy as installing a custom ROM. I have done this many times with previous Android devices. The usual case being where I installed a custom ROM, the phone developed a hardware fault (i.e. at a later stage) and I then returned the phone under warranty for an exchange... but not before returning the ROM to stock.

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