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A stero system compatible with Android? Or at least an adapter?

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  1. Rtedmonston

    Rtedmonston Well-Known Member

    I've been looking into buying a $100 or so stereo, since I've always wanted one. Only problem is virtually all of them are made for iPhone, when Android owns the market!.

    Is there a nice one that docks with Android? Or is there at least an adapter so I can plug my phone into the slot for the iPhone?

    Something like this:

    Amazon.com: Sony MHC-EC69i Mini Hi-Fi Shelf System: Electronics

  2. Parshooter

    Parshooter Well-Known Member

    I've not seen one, but there are many bluetooth speaker systems out there. :smokingsomb:
  3. Tijuanatom

    Tijuanatom Active Member

  4. Parshooter

    Parshooter Well-Known Member

    A nice advantage of a bluetooth speaker system is that the phone is not cabled to the speaker/dock. My speaker can be across the room and my phone with me, so I can answer it, change up the music, volume, etc, without having to disconect the phone. Just something to think about. :smokingsomb:
  5. Rtedmonston

    Rtedmonston Well-Known Member

  6. pdl2mtl90

    pdl2mtl90 Well-Known Member

    Can always use Monoprice.com for cables/adapters. I have cables that split the headphone jack into a pair of stereo outputs plugged into the stereo in my garage. Use it to listen to TuneIn or mp3's while I'm out there.
  7. andrejhoward

    andrejhoward Active Member

    I second monoprice.

    I have a really nice stereo system (Old but sounds awesome) so I ordered the Samsung dock that has Audio and Charge then a good "Y" cable. Set the dock on top the stereo and you have a pretty nice setup!
  8. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    What phone or tablet are you looking to connect to the stereo? I actually use a couple of different options. For my Xoom I have a standard dock connected to my stereo (with a 3mm headphone to rca cable) so it charges while playing and for my Bionic I have a standard dock also and a bluetooth adapter that I use also use a 3mm to rca to connect to my stereo when I want to have my phone with me while walking around the house.

  9. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

    Won't a standard 30-pin female to microUSB male adapter work? If so, a search will bring up lots of buying options.
  10. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Like what rigmaster said, micro usb and Bluetooth adapters for iPhone or iPod docks are available. The only thing is, android OS ice cream and below doesn't have audio through usb so buying a usb adapter might not work unless the android device is running Jellybean. Even if it is running Jellybean, I haven't seen anyone actually use a usb dock for JB androids yet.

    Safest bet would be to buy a Bluetooth adapter like this one.

    Pear Dongle Makes Any iPod Dock a Bluetooth Speaker | Gadget Lab | Wired.com

    Either that, you'll have to wait until android docks with usb audio start popping up like the one below.

    Gear4 Android Dock – Introducing A New Type Of Audio Connection On Android Devices

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