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A way to get to mirror mode on webtop 3.0?Tips

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  1. dirtdawg57

    dirtdawg57 Member

    Is there a way to get to mirror mode on the bionic lapdock with webtop 3.0? One time it glitched and I got there but is there a way to do it? Thanks!

  2. stridermt2k

    stridermt2k Well-Known Member

    You can try a different launcher.

    I installed Apex Launcher and wasn't even aware it was only mirroring my desktop when docked into the Lapdock until I read that the Webtop is supposed to be an entirely different and independent desktop.
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  3. dirtdawg57

    dirtdawg57 Member

    Are there any other ways? I didn't really want a launcher if I could help it. Also will the bionic only go into usb host mode if it is in webtop mode? For like a usb game pad? I know about the need of a powered usb hub. Does the hd dock only go into webtop when connected to a tv also?
  4. dirtdawg57

    dirtdawg57 Member

    Does any one know if the HD dock forces you to go into webtop mode? Or is mirror mode an option?
  5. stridermt2k

    stridermt2k Well-Known Member

    While I know the OP doesn't want to run a third party launcher, it really does seem like the best solution.

    Allow me to correct myself from my original post:
    What I'm seeing with a third party launcher when I dock my Bionic into my Lapdock is what I can only describe as a hybrid of my Bionic's desktop shown in the Webtop mode.

    I find this absolutely ideal personally, because now I don't have to "build" a custom desktop for Webtop mode. All my folders and such are exactly where I expect them to be with no additional work on my part.

    I see zero performance differences running Apex or Nova launchers compare to the stock Bionic launcher.

    I'm using Nova Launcher Prime now because I've found it to be a bit more stable on the Bionic running ICS, but Nova and Apex launchers both have perfectly capable free versions and will provide this "hybrid" Webtop experience.

    If you want to try it or not is up to you of course, but I think this might be the fastest easiest way to get what you are looking for.

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