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A way to get your MSL/SPCTips

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  1. shaunjohn

    shaunjohn Well-Known Member

    1) download these 2 files, (diag scripts, samsung diag drivers) and get CDMA WS , if you flash phones you should have the full, the cracked will work too
    2) install samsung drivers
    3) download script manager from google play
    4) put diag scripts on sd card
    5) run script manager and locate diag scripts
    6) choose diag.sh and click on su, and execute script
    7) go to device manager on computer and after drivers install take note of of the COM port that SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port says
    8) open CDMA WS and select com port from step 7 and connect
    9) go to security tab, then the password box, drop down to Samsung default, hit send
    10) then your SPC/MSL will appear in the spc box in the same tab



    I just now realize, the purpose was to find an unrooted way to get MSL/SPC, to run the scripts it takes root. Anyways, I guess if you want another way to find your SPC have at it

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  2. turtle187

    turtle187 Well-Known Member

    the first 6 digit code is your msl:D
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  3. Gimaj90

    Gimaj90 New Member

    That doesn't work for me... It just says "Failed... Phone does not answer"..... I'm rooted, I tried several ways to get that d*** SPC code and none works.....
  4. nindroid

    nindroid New Member

    Hey shaunjohn I tried this method and it just tells me that the password's wrong and restarts my phone, I have a Galaxy Rush running KitKat Explosion v2.0. I haven't tried the other Samsung security setting yet I was just wondering if it would be harmful to my phone or if you knew the right one off hand.
  5. MLSS

    MLSS Well-Known Member

    I called Boost and asked for it and they gave it to me.
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  6. Ibukole

    Ibukole New Member

    Same here. I called Boost and the gentleman was very sweet, gave it to me with no questions asked.
  7. hitesh123

    hitesh123 Well-Known Member

    just done everything to this mobile,
    Use MSL utilities apk to get SPC,
    then dial ##DIAG# put SPC
    then go to quallcom menu and select DM+MTP+ADB
    connect to PC, install generic samsung drivers.
    using DFS or CW you can fully program this phone.
    here is 16 digit password 2012112120131219
    Only issue for me is , this is not catching any signals on 800Mhz, only catches signals on 1800MHz.
    after using 16digit password, you can writer everything...
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  8. crazynapkinman

    crazynapkinman Well-Known Member

    What does this mean? Do I need these files unlocked or whatever?
  9. hitesh123

    hitesh123 Well-Known Member

    It depends on what you want to archive ?
  10. imatary

    imatary New Member

    Did you find a solution for catching 800Mhz issue?? please to help
  11. hitesh123

    hitesh123 Well-Known Member

    No solution as phone radio was made only for 1800mhz
    Its hardware level issue for us (800mhz users)
  12. crazynapkinman

    crazynapkinman Well-Known Member

    What does having access to msl/spc code let you do?

    Is this something I should do to improve my phone?

    I asked once and got a terrible reply...

    Can someone explain what knowing this/these code(s) is for?
  13. hitesh123

    hitesh123 Well-Known Member

    We need msl to configure phone to another carrier
    Like changing prl changing data settings for specific carrier.
    If you are using sprint phone one sprint network you don't require this.
    But if u want to use sprint phone over cricket or metro you need spc to start the process.
    Google more for definitions and etc...
  14. bootlegninja

    bootlegninja Member

  15. hitesh123

    hitesh123 Well-Known Member

    Already posted that !

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