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  1. PygmyArr

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    Jan 6, 2010
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    Had my desire (on virgin and is unmolested rom/rootwise) for a few months now, and love it.

    But recently I've noticed my weather widget, which updates based on location of handset, normally nailing me to the borough in bournemouth I'm working or living in, has given me false readings of being on either of the 2 channel islands, when actually I am at home, normally I think nothing of it as its easy to look out the window to see Its raining, until the last couple of days when I've been getting a lot of calls for various work in jersey and guernesy, varying from bricklaying to doorhanging to cake making.

    Last count was 4 calls from landings and 3 mobile phone calls in the last 2 weeks.

    Has someone somehow cloned my phone and is using it for scamming there, or are they a huge coincidence? I rarely spam my number about so its not telemarketing giving my number out, etc. And I don't know anyone who has my number that would be in the islands...

    My bills all seem to be in order.


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