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  1. John Starke

    John Starke Member

    I finally was able to register and get into the A100 tablet forum using my laptop, but I am not able to get into the forum using the A100. What gives??

  2. AndreQ

    AndreQ Member

    No problem for me. Am reading and responding on and from my A100. Perhaps it's a browser issue.
  3. buttonstc

    buttonstc Member


    I'm a little confused by your Q. Are you referring to this forum here or to a different Acer forum located elsewhere. If it's the latter, could you please include a link. Thanks.
  4. jbenham

    jbenham Well-Known Member

    Well he only has 7 posts. How many do you need to post links? I do not have an A100 but I got one for my wife last Sept for her Birthday. I can't see why there would be any problems getting to the Acer forum. Maybe try downloading the Skyfire browser.

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