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A101 (Star/Android/iGlo/etc)

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  1. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    Anybody else bought one of these Star/Android/iGlo/whatever clone phones and is interested in exchanging knowledge?

  2. gabib77

    gabib77 Member

    I have a Star A8 aka HTC Cha Cha DUAL-SIM replica
  3. SilntExecutnr

    SilntExecutnr New Member

    I have the A101. I was able to use Gingerbreak on it to root but I cant seem to find a app that will backup the rom. Clockworkmod doesn't support it and all the instructions for Nandroid have keyboard steps. I'm a Android noob so if you do have info keep it simple if you can. ;)

  4. wcrov

    wcrov New Member

    If someone finds anything like a cwm, ics, etc for this phone, please post it here...

    Many thanks!!!

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