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  1. HowieHurricane

    HowieHurricane New Member

    Greetings all! Hope someone can help me out here! I'm not only new to the Acer A110 tablet, but new to a forum as well! I've owned the tablet for about a month, and I'm having a hard time doing some things that I feel are pretty basic. My biggest problem is that I've downloaded some movies and video clips, and some of them have only partly downloaded. I want to delete some of these 1/2 downloaded video links... but can't find where to do this! It doesn't show up in the "Downloads" area, but the half downloaded videos show up in my video player! Worse is that it's taking up valuable memory as the tablet only comes with 8G! Can anybody help with this?

  2. HowieHurricane

    HowieHurricane New Member

    Further more... my tablet shows 2GB's of Download storage used... but when I click on the downloads tab, it's empty! Where are these files being stored? HELP...anyone?
  3. mlk43611

    mlk43611 Member


    Download a File Manager from the play store to access the folder. I've used ES File Explorer and Astro and like both.

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