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A2109 USB Host+OTGSupport

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  1. andropil

    andropil New Member

    Any one know if the lenovo A2109 support usb host and OTG? (for usb flash drive)
    and if that Requires Root?


  2. anika200

    anika200 Well-Known Member

    um, If you tell me what that means exactly I might be able to check it out on my A2109.

    Nevermind, looked it up on wiki. Looks interesting I will try it out if I can get hold of a cable. Ahh seems there is a certified spec, I doubt Lenovo has that built in or they would be advertising it.
    On the other hand it seems like we just need kernel support which some engineer could have slipped in I guess.
    Hopefully we can get an unlocked bootloader, root etc... and then who knows...
  3. JohnGalt642

    JohnGalt642 New Member

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