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a2dp bluetooth media toggle?Support

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  1. During the day I listen to music on my bluetooth via a2dp, works great. When I drive home I plug phone into truck to listen on stereo and then want the bluetooth available for taking calls.

    To accomplish this I need to drill into the bluetooth (Settings->Wireless & networks->Bluetooth settings->[click and hold my headset] Options...-> [under Profiles] Media [uncheck]). This works, but is a pain.

    I'm looking for an app that will toggle the a2dp (Media) on and off as needed. Is this something that is built-in that I'm missing, or is there an app or is this something that is just not supported at the moment?


  2. lee1111

    lee1111 New Member

    This is the only thread in this forum about A2DP. So I'm gonna bring it back to the top.

    You might be able to answer my questions. I refuse to buy my new bluetooth stereo for my car until I can make this work at wal-mart first. I was using one of their pioneers, I believe. I successfully paired and connected with it. I saw the phone tell me it was trying to access info when I went to pull up the phonebook ( which didn't work lol). I've forced stopped pandora and re-launched, rebooted, and both check marks are checked in the devices setting from the bt menu. I can make a call through the stereo as well, BUT CANNOT STREAM MUSIC TO THE STEREO! ugh, please help.

    Running the Xionia kernel, baseband "VM670ZV4_6041001", build "FRG83 RR B2", 2.2.1

    Maybe you can shed some light for me TMS since you report it as working.
  3. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    Have luck with trying to find an answer, Custom Roms have had known issues with SMS&Bluetooth these are the main reasons i have rooted but stuck with the factory Rom,
  4. lee1111, I have had no trouble with the A2DP using the stock ROM. But this is to my Playtronics headset.

    And as for the original question I had, I made it a bit easier by adding a shortcut to BT settings. A couple clicks and I'm good to go. Not a perfect solution, but it works for me.
  5. ratibars

    ratibars New Member

    I think you can try Any Cut which creates a short cut for anything.
  6. SnowItch

    SnowItch New Member

    ALMOST Anything. I've been playing with Any Cut and bluetooth settings, and it seems to be limited to turning bluetooth on and off. I actually found information on the APIs on bluetooth, and it looks like it would be very difficult to program.
  7. midi

    midi Member

    there is a new tool bluemusic that does the routing of the audio through bluetooth to the mono, a2dp and carkits, you can manage all of them through the easy to use interface, turn them on/off, switching between them and also has after call resume.
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  8. ArielAtom

    ArielAtom New Member

    I listen to tons of podcasts throughout my day. I might be listening on my bluetooth headset while i'm working outside, and then get in my van to go to my next job, and i'll want it to route through my speakers (road noise is often too high to hear it in my Plantronics M50). I have a Droid Bionic with the proprietary vehicle dock, which routes audio through the dock/usb connector to a 3.5mm plug to my stereo. When I dock my phone, it does not automatically redirect audio away from bluetooth (as it would if I connected a 3.5mm audio plug to the headphone jack). If i want to have the audio go through my speakers, I then have to go into settings/bluetooth/Plantronics M50/toggle Media Audio/and confirm. I shortened it by one step by creating a bluetooth settings menu shortcut on my homescreen, but I can't seem to do any better than that. I would like to have a widget to toggle the media audio on the M50, but even better yet would be a way to automate the action upon detection of being inserted into or removed from the car dock. Any ideas?
  9. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

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