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  1. adam62385

    adam62385 New Member

    I'm new to the whole Bluetooth thing, & my phone unfortunately isn't android (my a100 is wifi only). Is there some way that the tablet can have some sort of offline voice control via an a2dp headset (maybe even talk w/ the speak to it assistant)? Other than listening to music, though, the main thing I'll be doing is opening up quick office, speaking, & hoping my speech turns into text on the screen.

    Any help or a workaround that could be offered, I'll appreciate it. For those who are curious, my hands free bt headset works great w/ my phone (not the tab, obviously), but since I'mstill in dark ages, it has very limited voice control.

    Hope someone can help solve my tablet issues.

  2. richardd43

    richardd43 Member

    From the manual

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