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  1. a50al

    a50al New Member

    Error message, somebody know how to make it work ?

  2. PattersonL

    PattersonL Member

    If you provide a quick rundown on how the problem came about, someone might be able to offer some suggestions.
  3. a50al

    a50al New Member

    I tried some, and it seam not supported, I want to know if somebody own a Garmin A50 be able to put a live wallpaper on his machine.
    and if its possible how to do it ?
    thank you.
  4. it is possible to run LW on this phone but there is a problem, whenever you reboot the phone the LW app dissapear i have to figure out what seems to be the problem instead i get an icon that says com.android.wallpaper.livepicker.LiveWallpaperListActivity

    looks kinda horrible as that option appears on my wallpaper and the LW actually work, no lags but i yet have to figure why is it that the option dissapears with every reboot.

    here are some samples, sorry for the crappy quality and the position of the camera as im in my office and i had to record this quickly

    YouTube - ‪Garminfone Live Wallpapers sample‬‏ SAMPLE 1
    YouTube - ‪Garminfone Live Wallpaper sample 2‬‏ SAMPLE 2

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