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A50 strange errorSupport

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  1. baxxter

    baxxter New Member

    Hello All,

    I will post here the issue I have (copy/paste) from the mail I sent to Asus support, maybe you have any ideas.

    [Problem Description]
    Hello, I have the following issue with the phone:

    1. performed a master reset (D-pad left + Power)
    2. after reboot, the following error appears: "Close the battery cover and restart the device to complete first-time setup" - this is a loop, it appears after each restart.
    3. performed another master reset, same thing
    4. In this situation, I tried to perform an update. I downloaded several versions from the site. Each time the device recognizes the update software, but when I select ok for update, the error is "Invalid system file update. Contact customer service and request a system update file".
    5. replaced the .system folder, according to this guide https://support.garmin.com/support/searchSupport/case.faces?caseId=%7B7b51a1c0-0878-11e0-c4e0-000000000000%7D

    So far, no result. The same error. Please support.

  2. baxxter

    baxxter New Member

  3. baxxter

    baxxter New Member

    Garmin maps not loading now.

    Since spring (when the phone reached one year) I kept receiving a message that I must update the maps (per pay, of course). I ignored the message and it seems the maps are not loading anymore.

    Anybody else had this issue?

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