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a500/a501 usb questionGeneral

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  1. ebauza

    ebauza Member

    I have a WesternDigital Passport external hard drive, and am contemplating purchasing an Iconia. How is the connectivity between the two? Any problems or glitches? Also, can the Iconia access files on the Passport, or do the files have to be transferred? For example, can I watch the movies or listen to the music I have stored on my WD without transferring the files?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  2. kenji57

    kenji57 Well-Known Member

    I use my WD Passport drive like this all the time, it's brilliant and one of the greatest things about the A500 with full usb.
    The passport shows up as usb_storage in the file manager, just like a thumb drive. The A500 supplies enough power through usb to run the drive.
    I use it mainly to watch videos. I use mizuu which links to all my movie and tv shows on the WD passport

    The only glitch I had was when I upgraded my A200 to ICS it wouldn't recognize the WD drive, but after I ran scan/fix errors in win 7 on the drive it was fine. I've never had a problem with it on my A500 on honeycomb (and haven't updated to ICS yet)
  3. ebauza

    ebauza Member

    Thanks, Kenji! I think that sealed the deal for me. I hope to pick mine up this weekend.
  4. dbldipp

    dbldipp Well-Known Member

    Make sure you do your updates to get you to the 3.2 version. That way you will be able to view all the different external drives including NTFS. Also get a good file manager. It helps to be able to read all your drives, internal as well as external. I'd wait to do the ICS update till you've had the chance to get to know your Tablet. Each tablet has it's own quirks, and each responds differently to the updates. Go throught the forums to gewt a better idea of what you are in line for. These forums are a real life saver as opposed to factory support.

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