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  1. simbob

    simbob New Member

    Hi all, the standard a500 charger is a bit short, I have a 90w. Universal laptop charger with various fittings, any idea which voltage to set it at for use with my a500?

  2. mrcaptain

    mrcaptain Well-Known Member

    I believe it's 12v. Check the sticker on the side of the tab. Mine fell off, so I can't check it.
  3. Myronbg

    Myronbg Well-Known Member

    12v but 1.5A
  4. bazsh

    bazsh Active Member

    I cannot imagine why Acer choose to use short charger wire
  5. simbob

    simbob New Member

    So if I set it to 12 v. It should be fine?:confused:
  6. Myronbg

    Myronbg Well-Known Member

    No. Amp needs to be 1.5A
  7. simbob

    simbob New Member

    Sorry to sound a bit dumb, but will the universal charger not be suffucuent to charge it up if set to the same voltage?
  8. Myronbg

    Myronbg Well-Known Member

    Nope. Amps are just as important (it's the juice that can kill you) .
  9. PeteDee

    PeteDee Well-Known Member

    Rubbish, if the amps rating is lower than the supplied charger it just means that it will charge slower like an iPad. If you want the same performance as your original charger then go for one that is rated to at least 1.5 amps.

  10. Myronbg

    Myronbg Well-Known Member

    So I guess you've tried this on the A500 with a charger with almost 40% less amps & it actually charged?
  11. PeteDee

    PeteDee Well-Known Member

    Don't need to, I have been a tech for over 35 years and have designed many power supplies and charging systems and it is just basic electronics that dictates what will happen.


  12. jmart3855

    jmart3855 New Member

    Where can I buy this a 500 charger every where says that they have to order it,in the US they have to order it from China,now I'm in China and the Acer outlet says they have to order it for me this is sick. Why can't Acer stock their outlets with the needed accessaries
  13. coco3133

    coco3133 Well-Known Member

  14. Mrhelper

    Mrhelper Well-Known Member

    Just saw this old thread pop up because of the recent post.

    The advice in the quote above is erroneous. It is important to always use a power adapter that meets manufacturer specifications. If the tablet was engineered to require 1.5A, then the power supply must provide at least that much current on demand or it may fail due to overload. Depending on the design of the affected components, such an overload may result in low voltage, cause the charging circuit to malfunction, blow a fuse, burn up, or all of the above.

    What will likely happen if an a500 is used with an adapter that supplies insufficient current is that under higher loads -- i.e., using while charging -- a drop in voltage caused by the inadequate current capacity will cause the battery charge controller in the tablet to automatically disconnect to protect the equipment. This behavior has been observed by a number of Iconia owners while trying to use certain aftermarket chargers not meeting specifications, preventing the units from recharging.

    A side note: It's interesting that the conversation in the thread above progressed as it did, because the power supply that the OP was asking about would have likely provided enough current to support roughly 5 tablets simultaneously. At 12V, 90W of sustained output power will supply 7.5A of current.
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  15. Mrhelper

    Mrhelper Well-Known Member

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  16. Opticman

    Opticman Active Member

    OK - the power plug (mini usb or whatever you call it) seems to be same size as what we use on our Samsung phones - however those don't seem to charge it....they plug in fine but dont charge it - does this have to do with the amps and voltage thing???
  17. RMinMN

    RMinMN Active Member

    Yes. The charger for the A500 puts out 1.5 amps which is way higher than the USB port can provide.
  18. dbldipp

    dbldipp Well-Known Member

    I've read several posts about the inadequate length of the charger cord and some of the extents the owners go to get something better. I just took an old cell phone mobile charger cord... the coil type and spliced mine to make it considerably longer. Very simple solution.
  19. mplevy

    mplevy Well-Known Member

    That's because the round hole on the same side as the micro USB is where you plug in the charger, the micro USB is not wired for charging the device.
  20. dbldipp

    dbldipp Well-Known Member

    The tablet will charge through the micro USB if it's hooked to your computer. Not sure how or why but it does. And it's a full charge as tho it was hooked to a standard c harger. I know this since I restored mine from ICS back to 3.2.1 and didn't have to charge it durring the process and then back to ICS and still didn't have to put it on the charger.
  21. dehalfad

    dehalfad New Member

    Psh, my charger is just iffy, acts like it doesn't want to charge sometimes. I'm going to have to check and see if its in my warranty, before that expires
  22. dbldipp

    dbldipp Well-Known Member

    I droped my tablet and it refused to charge on the charger. I thought about it and pluged in the mini usb and then it started charging normally through the charge plug. Also, I found you have to use a pure wave charger. If you use a modified wave charger it won't charge. Found this out when I tried to charge it in my truck with and inverter. The pure wave inverter would charge it but not the modified wave inverter. Why this has happened I do not know but just thought ya'all should know.

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