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A500 won't play YouTube live streams?Support

  1. hotrod86

    hotrod86 New Member

    I have an Acer A500 running Android 3.2.
    I have the latest version of the YouTube app on it (4.023). When I click on any of the videos while browsing on the "Live!" channel, none of the videos start. Can anybody offer me some insight?

  2. Mrhelper

    Mrhelper Well-Known Member

    YouTube Live! streaming works OK with ICS (Android 4.0.3), but apparently not with Honeycomb (3.2.1). I was able to reproduce the problem on an a100 running Android 3.2.1 and YouTube 4.023. It works on my a500 on ICS, so it will probably work if you update your tablet to ICS also.

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