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  1. Hi Guys...
    My MMX A75 is giving me one issue after another:mad:....boy i am overwhelmed!!
    The cellphone signal just keeps fluctauting from 3bars to 4bars to 0bars all in few seconds.This is accompanied by call drops like crazy..
    I have contacted the flipkart tech team,who have advised "factory reset" and visiting the service center(not very encouraging reports) in pune.
    I will end up losing the app downloads done so far,(but can stomach that)but will the above solution work?
    Pls advice guys..I am on the edge of my chair already!

  2. svkroy

    svkroy Well-Known Member

    Looks like a hardware issue, assuming your area the mobile network is fine. If you want to save the apps then try rooting your phone (signal fluctuations might improve) and save the apps into your memory card.

    Try your hands on rooting first, and check the signal/performance before you hand over your phone to those aliens in the MMX Service Center.
  3. ESSuraj

    ESSuraj Well-Known Member

    I think its hardware issue like svkroy pointed out..
    Actually the signal reception is actually better than most other phones..
    Even in lift where other phone signal drops, MMX A75 has good signal..

    One thing you need to check is in Network mode..if its automatic, try switching to GSM only and see if there is any improvement..

  4. Thanx SKVROY & ESSURAJ..your findings were bang on.
    It was indeed a Hardware issue.Got my phone's Motherboard(as per the MMX service guys) replaced.My signal is super now!
    Thanx for insights anyways.

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