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ICS on A75

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  1. ramdasci

    ramdasci Member

    Hello Guys,

    My phone is running with Android 2.3.4 and Kernel Version is:

    I would like to install ICS on my phone and also increase the internal memory, but I am getting little confused with the instructions that are posted on this forum.

    Can any one give the correct step by steps instructions from the scratch to install new rom and also to get more internal space?

  2. lol..you can't install ICS on this Chinamade..I mean Micromax phone :p
  3. amritk86

    amritk86 Active Member

    follow this video, i have done successfully but it give some problem after install when phone goes in sleep mode and i m trying to unlock phone screen remain white........sorry for my bad English
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  4. amritk86

    amritk86 Active Member

  5. irfan_same

    irfan_same New Member

    please tell me how to solve your problam(display white)
  6. Arya786

    Arya786 Member

    Hi me too having the same issue like white scrren so plss help me wht to do
  7. Arya786

    Arya786 Member

    hi me too having the same issue with micromax a75, plsss help ....
    white blank screen whn the screen goes off and we need to take out battery n fix it again .....it is very hard for any one who cannot keep their screen opned all the time ....pls reply

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