A75 is now around Rs 6k... which r other mobile in similar range?Tips

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  1. Biker Biker

    Biker Biker Active Member

    As my A75 is damaged, I am planning to buy new mobile. A75 is available around Rs 6k now... as wondering which are other mobiles within 6k range and has features similar to A75.

    Any suggestions?

  2. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

    yaa there is an much better phone than a75

    buy ninja 4
  3. Biker Biker

    Biker Biker Active Member

    ninja 4 is A87... right?

    I've read the reviews... people say tht it has very low ram and its nearly impossible to use good apps / games.

    Whts the difference in ram between a75 and ninja 4?
  4. gta

    gta Well-Known Member

    they both have 256mb ram :)
  5. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

    but now a days beside kernel sources I love mtk mobile

    whatever happen to my mobile

    I can restore it via flash tool
  6. gta

    gta Well-Known Member

    btw ninja 4 is qualcomm
  7. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

    yes I know

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