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  1. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    Please let us know how you like the application site and provide any feedback, from bugs and errors to suggestions and ideas, by replying below!

  2. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    I want to congratulate you guys on the new area. It is a great feature to have and when im able to navigate it , its a great enjoyment. But I have been having huge issues with it. I cant seem to be able to get into some areas. i get a blank page or a timeout error. When i want to submit a review or make a comment it asks me to login in , when i do it wont sometimes accept it. I did get in a few times enough to post 2 reviews but a 3rd time (after writing a whole review) i pressed submit and was told i wasnt logged in. grrrrr, lol.

    Anyway may first suggestion be a remember feature so that you can stay logged in at all times?

  3. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    Just the following error message when I tried accessing Android Applications:
  4. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    ^ Got that once but then it worked the next time.
  5. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    I can't tell you how many times I've refreshed and I'm still receiving that stupid error message.. :(
  6. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Maybe it doesn't like you?
  7. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    It sure is looking that way... :confused:
  8. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Dunno what to tell you...

    On a side note, it looks like we'll be getting a LOT of reviews for the same apps over and over again. Will the system be setup to merge the threads that this creates so that it can stay useful through the forum or does it need to be that way list the reviews with the application page?
  9. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    The site is back up and running for me! :)
  10. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    same here trident
  11. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    There is no perfect way but in the end... we felt this was the BEST way with all the positives/negatives weighed. The idea of AndroidForums is to create an open dialogue. Making a review and having it be in one long list is okay, but we prefer the ability for people to ask questions of the thread owner and give that reviewer the opportunity to clarify and create a conversation about their review.

    This won't ALWAYS be optimal. I've already seen a TON of 1 line reviews. That is okay, but what we REALLY want is in-depth reviews and we'll work hard to help highlight the best reviews done by members.

    That being said I can see how so many new threads could have an ill affect on other forum features like using "New Posts". I think we should all work together to identify where taking this approach causes issues and come up with problems to solve it. Regardless of which method you choose there will be problems but I think the opportunity for app reviewers to hold a conversation with those reading their reviews is priceless.
  12. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Makes sense and sounds good!

    I know it just seems like I've seen 10+ reviews for the same app (good thing but kind of annoying at the same time).

    Just offering input :D
  13. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    perhaps putting together some sort of task force. A set of staff members who would give an hour or two daily to help keep the app area clean and condensed . sort of a quality control group. lol. maybe give someone a-c, next guy d-f etc. Just an idea, because i have seen some sorry reviews and its a matter of time before spam hits it as well. I can for see some arguments in there as well
  14. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Or someone asking for the apk
  15. DJKrome

    DJKrome New Member

    hey new to the sites, but i'm unable to post my review i wrote. Tried on multiple PC's and browsers. Its been that way for hours now
  16. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member

    Rob, well done old boy. But, if you got rid of the popup, when you give a thumbs up or down, you would not get a frowny face from me.
  17. JoshN

    JoshN Member

    How does the site pull apps? It doesn't look like all the apps in the android market are represented... namely I can't find MLB.COM At Bat '10 by searching mlb, baseball, or at bat... also couldn't find runstar. Any suggestions or clarity on how the app discovery works and how we can help?
  18. Caddyman

    Caddyman Well-Known Member

    i really like it, it is a great start for sure, the new contest is awesome too.

    that said, i would like to see the page(s) given some more attention in the layout department. one square block of all the apps on the page with pagination at the bottom works, and is effective, but it's not very snazzy or eye catching, not much to look at.

    there are lots of app sites out there to give you guys ideas of how to lay it out.
  19. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    Funny I coudnt find it either. But I can't find it in my phones market place either. Grrt

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  20. mrqs

    mrqs Well-Known Member

    any chance you can get unlocked phones as prizes for the contest thing?
    mainly for outside the states people

    one thing about the otherwise brilliant app browsing i'm missing is some kind of filter, so you could exclude all the useless ringtones, boobies, wallpapers, ringphotos etc.

    *edit* an annoyance in chrome and safari (aka. webkit): when you middle click an app in the grid to open it in a new tab, it loads it in both the new tab and the existing tab
    sure i know this is a bug (or a feature :rolleyes: ) of webkit, but it's been there for ages and imo you should edit the site to take this in to account

    also the power search doesn't seem to have an option to only search for free apps (or am i blind?)

    one more thing: and -operator for the power search
    actually i'd rather and was the default operator, rather than or - when i search for world cup, i don't want world of warcraft themes to pop up when they don't mention the word cup anywhere

    oh and the app's website link should be included in the details page :)
  21. TheSwedeUK

    TheSwedeUK New Member

    Thanks Guys,

    I've meanwhile given up on using the market on the phone :mad:, instead I google what I need and use various websites and forums. Now you guys come along and bring it all into one place :); what fantastic news. I've browsed through your site and it looks good, will soon add reviews of my favourites.

    One of the lesser good things about Android is the limited storage for applications. Even on the Nexus One and other newer phones you will at one point run out and need to start making decisions on what you want to keep or discard. However, Android 2.2 allows to install apps to SD card (provided the developer has enabled this functionality). It would be great to have an option "allows install to SD" in the left search pane, maybe something to consider for future improvements?

    Thanks for a great site
  22. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Rob, just an idea not sure if it's feasible or even possible. When people click on the 'yes' or 'no' button to 'was this review helpful', would you be able to create a text box popup that they can write why they chose 'yes' or 'no' and have that inputed as a post to its thread in AF? I think this will enable people to write something since...I can see people just clicking yes/no only. I don't think a lot of people will specifically go into 'discuss in Forum' unless there's something about the review they don't like.

    And I love the search features in AA :D VERY well done!!! Keep up the good work Mr. Boss!

  23. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    How we include apps on AA is a very complicated process and we're doing out best to include everything possible. We'll be adding a "suggest an app" area so that we can get our butts on tracking down new apps we haven't yet got in our system.

    @Roze that's an interesting suggestion but I don't think we'll include that immediately. I'm a bit wary of adding too many click-heres and this pops up and jump over here etc.... it's kind of confusing already ;)

    @Caddy in terms of layout we actually spent a lot of time CHOOSING this method. We felt it was the best way to get the most information on one page. That being said, I can understand that having to scan left/right AND up/down isn't always the best. If we change this, it'll probably end up being with a personalization option when we roll out new profiles at some point in the upcoming months.

    Keep the comments coming!
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  24. chaunceyd

    chaunceyd Well-Known Member

    First off, I love the AA section so far. In large part to the reviews I've read here, I've downloaded a ton of new apps that I had never even heard of before. So I guess thats a big thanks to you and everyone else that is participating and contributing.

    The funny part is, at least for me, is that I am more prone to actually reading the reviews after they've been moved/copied(?) to the Android Applications > Android Reviews Section within the forums. Perhaps I more comfortable with this format, but I think there are benefits as well:
    - The newest reviews are on the very top, and its easy to read several of them at one time.
    - Because of this format, I discover alot of new apps just by looking down the list
    - There is a clear way to give feedback on the reviews within the forum
    - I am not keen on the current pop-up effect on how the reviews are show

    I am by no means saying that everything should be moved to the forum, but there are benefits to the format. A site I think that successfully does this is NotebookReview.com - though its not perfect either. The AA Section is new, and I am sure I just need sometime to adjust to it. All in all, I love it so far and am really enjoying contributing.
  25. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    @chaunceyd - thanks for your input. Right now we're working on some sub-navigation for AA and the site in general that we're hoping will improve navigation across ALL sites within the next month or so. As you suggest, there will be an area of AA that shows newest reviews and top ranked reviews to help you find great stuff quickly so look out for that.

    You're 100% completely right about AF being more comfortable to some people and that is exactly why we integrated AA with AF in the first place.

    But think of it this way... if you're searching Google for something like... "Epicurious Recipe App" you might land on our listing for the Android App here:
    Epicurious Recipe App | AndroidApplications.com

    Where that person may seem lost/unfamiliar with AF, they'll immediately feel at home on AA and be able to read reviews on that very page without ever leaving and dealing with the complications of an unfamiliar vbulletin forum.

    I think that presenting the option between the two helps please everyone. Just stick with what you like most!

    Personally I enjoy browsing the "Hot" tab to see what people have been "thumbing up" lately. I want to incorporate a lot of these voting features into member profiles and we'll be working on that in coming months as well. We have a lot planned so hearing the more input the better!

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