AAC/M4a files -- Chapters and Embedded Images not in Android?

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  1. tangleman

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    I just got an Incredible and am trying to see if I can use it to play my podcasts (so that I can drop my iPod). Some of my podcasts use AAC/M4a files, which are chaptered and have embedded images in each chapter. I've noticed that the chapters and embedded images don't seem to work in Android. I've tried moving existing podcasts over from iTunes and downloading podcasts directly to the phone, and I've tried several players -- Astroplayer, MortPlayer, etc., but I can't get the chapters or images.

    Is this an Android limitation, or am I doing something wrong? (If necessary, a specific podcast I'm trying is The Naked Scientists Enhanced podcast.)


  2. Okur

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  3. Usta

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    To have a full podcast experience, you will have to use a podcast application. These can be dedicated or general (like MyPod).

    Otherwise, you can simply download the media files to your phone and play then with your favorite audio/video player. If the whole thing is one large file, you can use a PC application to split that exactly where the chapters begin.

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