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  1. Eltombrae

    Eltombrae New Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to get my pad on the internet (Dodo wireless stick), and it keeps connecting, dropping out, and reconnecting (this repeats four times and then it stops trying). Any suggestions on what I should do?

  2. didi63

    didi63 New Member

    Its probably a bad reception as the wireless sticks are notorious in not getting good coverage. I have an Optus one and when i used it, was slow and dropping out constantly. It isnt the device. Try wireless broadband in ur home.or night time i found was ok as there was less traffic users.
  3. ag011090ag

    ag011090ag Active Member

    Have you tried both usb ports? the one closest to the headphone jack is the correct one. try switching off the pad completely inserting usb dongle then turning on the device.

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