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AARGH! They've crippled developers!

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  1. Claghorn

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    Feb 3, 2012
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    I've just added this to the end of my review page: http://zooty.my.lan/comcast/hardware/nikon/nikon.html

    AARGH! Nikon has missed the entire point of having an android camera! Look at this debug output from a custom camera app I'm working on enumerating all the possible image resolutions in the standard Android Camera API:

    Code (Text):
    1. I/Preview ( 3764): size set to 640 480
    2. I/Preview ( 3764): size set to 1024 768
    3. I/Preview ( 3764): size set to 1600 1200
    4. I/Preview ( 3764): size set to 2048 1536
    5. I/Preview ( 3764): size set to 2272 1704
    6. I/Preview ( 3764): size set to 2560 1920
    7. I/Preview ( 3764): size set to 3264 2448
    Note that the highest resolution is 3264x2448. That is only 8MB. The native Nikon camera app offers 16MB as the highest resolution! Nikon apparently has undocumented APIs to their camera not available to the standard Camera API. How can an army of android developers turn out the sort of fancy apps that will make android cameras sell like hotcakes if they can't actually get to the full capabilities of the camera? Nikon deserves a derisive raspberry for this one: Ppppbth!!


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