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  1. sh517

    sh517 Active Member

    I'm just curious if it's possible to upload pictures on my phone directly to Facebook or Myspace? My brother has a Hero and his whole contact list is synced up with facebook. Is there an app that I need or is this just not a feature available on this phone?

  2. AnthroMatt

    AnthroMatt Well-Known Member

    The Facebook app would be a good start.
  3. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    You can go to Photo sharing places and add your facebook account. Once you do that you can select share when viewing a photo and post to facebook.
  4. sh517

    sh517 Active Member

    There are several Facebook apps in the market place. I'm asking for advice/help if you've downloaded one and had success.
  5. AnthroMatt

    AnthroMatt Well-Known Member

    I just use the Facebook app that was made by Facebook. It seems pretty much identical to the Facebook app on my ipod touch.

    As soon as I installed it, an option to email a picture to facebook comes up everytime I go to share a picture.
  6. 4runneradam

    4runneradam Active Member

    Photo and video places which comes with the phone uploads pics. But I have about a 50/50 shot of the pics successfully uploading.

    Bloo works a lot better, and posts them automatically so you don't have to log in and approve them from a regular HTTP site.
  7. sh517

    sh517 Active Member

    Thanks everyone! I'll try the photo & video places thing first then Bloo.

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