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    Mar 11, 2012
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    I've been trying to figure out what's going on with my battery life overnight. Battery life is good through the day, drops much faster overnight. I've factory reset probably half a dozen times, slowly added apps back, etc. At this point the only thing I can point to is the mobile network signal. Here's my story from yesterday:

    Fresh charge to 100% at 9:00 am at work. Very minimal use (to rule out the screen use), even had my google account sync off. At 4:00 pm (7 hours) the battery dropped to 97%, or .4%/hour (excellent). My mobile network signal was constant, according to my battery graph:


    I turned my Google accounts on to sync automatically at 4:00, and over the next 6 hours my battery dropped to 89% (1.3%/hour). I could still live with this usage, but I noticed my mobile network went black around 8:30 pm, and see the graph dip a little with it:


    So I let the phone go overnight and checked it at 6:00 this morning (8 hours) - battery dropped 22% (2.8%/hour - not acceptable). No other settings were changed, but notice the mobile network being black:


    But did I actually lose the mobile connection? GSam doesn't show that I did:


    And looking at my wife and daughter's S2 (my N2 sat right next to my wife's S2 overnight), their mobile signal is full/good all through the night.


    So what the heck does all of this mean? I've watched this happen over different nights - occasionally it doesn't through. Do I have a lemon with a bad radio, or is it the combination of the N2 and AT&T in my location that I'm just going to have to live with? I don't understand this band talk enough - my sim is coded to LTE, but I'm pretty sure we're not in an LTE area. Looking at the graphs, I don't know that that matters though - it looks like it's something with the phone signal.

    I have about a week left in my return window (bought it outright thru Amazon). Should I just exchange it? Any other troubleshooting ideas?



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