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  1. akintoh

    akintoh Active Member

    What can you say about the show Ancient aliens?

    there are somethings that i approved or kinda make me believe on the show .

    like the pyramids...uhmm kinda hard to explain but the bricks or rocks they used are super heavy really tons... then put it on super high structures..
    how could they do that...

    the show tells about the help of aliens that shaped the world we are in now....

  2. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Love the show, very intriguing. Some of the "experts" they have on there are a little too convinced of their theories, but it is really fun and interesting to think about.
  3. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    I find it very interesting and enjoyable, though some of the episodes seem a bit 'stretched'.

    One episode they mentioned that all the Greek myths of half man half animals were alien hybrids.... while a week earlier on the history channel they said the complete opposite ;)

    Still, awesome show. When the interviewed the master stone craftsmen - and he said the even he couldn't do some of the things they did in the past... even using modern tools. Very cool IMO.
  4. akintoh

    akintoh Active Member

    ya...that is one also is another issue.. other people cannot copy the design...
  5. cmybliss

    cmybliss Well-Known Member

    Love that show. One of my favorite episodes is the one about evil places. They talk about how every year about 100 people go the base of Mt. Fuji to commit suicide, and another mountain in Russia I think, who's name means "Do Not Go There". Totally freaky.
    Often I think the "experts" hurt their hypothesis with their crazy. They so believe in what they are saying that they come off sounding like nut cases. It's like when Howard Dean did that crazy scream back in '04. People were all, "Um....no the the crazy."

    On a side note, My husband woke up looking like this yesterday:[​IMG]:eek:
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  6. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

  7. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    Many years ago, National Geographic set out to determine if they could cut stones accurately using labor and tools available at the time. They discovered yes, a group of people could build the pyramids. No big secret.

    Apparently, the ancients had 20 or so years and 100,000 men building the great pyramid. Not amazing, just hard work and lots of people.

    As for the show, it is just silly. Designed to make cash, not illuminate or educate.

    Now, if you want some actual science and something of a WOW factor, when you visit the great pyramid and you place your body close to the structure, owing to its mass, time passes for you at a different rate compared to those that are asking, "why is that fool pressed up against the pyramid, anyway?"

    Not secret pyramid power or hidden time dilation technology left behind by Mork of Ork, just simple, fact of the matter science.

    If you were to take a one year trip near the speed of light, you would come back to a world where time has passed you by. Chances are your family will be either dead or very old. Again, simple science, not amazing. Real time travel and within the realm of possibility. Leave Earth, travel fast for six months, return to a world filled with Android 45.0 and iPad 23's running iOS 56.

    Apparently, a group of Australian scientists managed to stop light. There must be a link, but it is true.

    If you could address the read-write problems and build a molecular computer, a baby food jar filled with "liquid memory" could probably cash the entire Internet.

    I read about a theory that basically states a theory that says an infinite amount of data will fit into a finite space. Sounds interesting, I will be interested in a few links if someone here knows. I do not, but I often read things I cannot grasp fully.

    Lots of real science to get interested in; no need to chase little green men and learn why they were here/are here. Nobody knows. The Universe is so bloody large, it defies imagination. There must be lots of interesting stuff out there and they are not green and little or coming here to study us and extract cow entrails.
  8. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    I recall a NOAA (?) study that looked at dangerous places for boats and ships. Something like that; it had to do with currents and storms and such.

    Part of the research looked at the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. Compared to at least a dozen places on the planet, the BT was at the bottom of the list. Not at all extraordinary. A researcher also reported that historically, the area that is called the Bermuda Triangle will change from time to time. When a ship is lost, the BT is extended to include the ship.
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  9. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    How did ancient stonecutters make the pyramids?

    From the folks who originally brought you This Old House, I submit that this is a must-see:

    This Old Pyramid - YouTube

    Then there was the book that really started it all - Chariots of the Gods.

    ancient astronauts - von Daniken - The Skeptic's Dictionary - Skepdic.com

    I remember watching the debunk PBS show on that one in the late 70s. Show started with the announcer speaking over the sound of what was clearly a helicopter, giving some aerial photography of one site that von Daniken identified as what could only be a runway for ancient astronauts. (Indeed, the site did look very much like a modern runway complex that we use today.)

    So, the narrator quotes some exciting parts of the book, begins to see how it could all make sense, all the while the camera is doing its best at maintaining a steady image (and actually, quite well) as the helicopter hovered above the site.

    "There's only one thing wrong with this theory," hollered the narrator over the sound of engine.

    And then - the helicopter sound went away, the camera steadied into a fixed, steady image - and then a leg appeared in a right side of the frame, and a foot came down - and the boot was a little longer than the claimed runway. Camera swung around, and the narrator had a hand held camera, and said, well, like von Daniken, it's from above, so that makes it aerial photography, right?

    And yet I've seen these pictures used repeatedly ever since and still attributed as ancient runways.


    Pyramids in Egypt were measured walking about counting rotations on a wheel - like a track coach. Books about how the ancient Egyptians didn't know pi, but it's magically somehow built into the pyramids. Now you know.


    Then there's the incredibly straight roads that go on for miles in South America, where they didn't have surveying equipment. They made clay bowl with a hole on either side - fill the bowl so the water is just at the bottom of those two holes, and now you have absolutely accurate level surveying sight.


    I have zero clue if aliens have ever visited us or not. I've yet to see any compelling evidence either way.

    But for every claim of alien incursions, the proof has evaporated using simple archeology.

    Except for Roswell. And that graveyard in Texas. eerie music

    So, you be the judge, but don't sell the human race short - we've been way, way smarter than some would give us credit for, and we've been this way a long, long time.

    And remember, to get monolithic results, try monolithic tools, not modern ones. ;)

    I agree.
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