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about typecasting in android source

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  1. proandceo

    proandceo New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 5, 2010
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    Dear Sir,

    as you know, we can see "CalculatorDisplay.java" in git.

    if you open the file, you can see line 59, 60(calc.adjustFontSize((TextView)getChildAt(0));)

    in here, I have a question.

    I searched for getChildAt, which it is in ViewGroup class.
    both android.widget.ViewGroup and android.view.TextView are sibling
    and two class received inheritance from android.view.View
    in addition, until now, I know that it is possible that typecasting is inheritance relative.

    so I can not understand why (TextView)getChildAt(0) is Ok??

    if someone know this reason, can you explain for me?


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