accelerometer stuck?

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  1. android604

    android604 Active Member

    i noticed this when i started up the game "teeter", my accelerometer is stuck and the ball only falls the the top of the screen, i can move it side to side but it wont fall down? if i jerk the phone downward the ball falls just a bit, but then quickly floats back to the top of the screen... only 2 things bother me with this phone, this little glitch and telus' hspa network..(drop calls:mad:)

    ive tried doing a soft reset battery pull...didnt work

    i talked to telus and they are will to replace the phone but all my contacts are stuck, how would you go about transferring all my contact info onto my gmail google account?? :confused:

  2. mark1252003

    mark1252003 Well-Known Member

    Save your contacts to sim, as for accelerometer have you tried calibrating it?:D:D
  3. android604

    android604 Active Member

    FML lol i SWEAR to god i have calibrated it before and tried to fix this :p but i just did it one more time and what do ya no!!! :D

    guess i only have one more problem... anyone else on HSPA telus experiancing dropped calls??? literaly 75% of my calls drop with in the first 5 mins.. :mad:
  4. mark1252003

    mark1252003 Well-Known Member

    I do take Paypal lol!! ,least you sorted it!! as for thr other problem i cant help you there. ;)

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