Accelerometer with alarm

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  1. zerink

    zerink New Member

    If anyone know about an accelerometer app that would play some sound when a certain threshold is reached.
    or play a beep that increases in freqency, from one threshold to another, like, one beep a second, up to 4 beeps a second, when reaching some acceleration level, quiet below the threshold level.

    The obejective would be to train for a better car driving habit.
    All apps on the market have visual indicators for acceleration, but none have an audio monitor.

    The phone is not necessarly flat in the car, so, some calibration would be required, when stopped, then when driving forward to detect the FORWARD vectorial displacement, being a combinaison of all 3 axis.

    That should not be too hard to do?

  2. RedBull17

    RedBull17 New Member

    Such app doesn't exist but it might be soon. I and a few others are creating an app for a contest and we might use this idea.
  3. skr_ft2

    skr_ft2 New Member

    there is an app called G-Meter by Toseeg - have a look, it might work for you. The sound alarm is for lateral g in there though, but it depends on the position of the phone, so it is possible to make it work for your requirements.

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