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  1. bpaulien

    bpaulien Well-Known Member

    I just received my refurbished marquee from Ting yesterday. I was just wondering if I should go ahead and accept the OTA update or not..

    It is Sprint branded, and has software version LS855ZV9. I'm thinking of rooting it, and have heard the new version doesn't root well. So I guess my question is, do I gain anything by updating it? I understand that it can be "rolled back" during rooting, so it might not be all that important.

    I still haven't activated it, but charged it and played with it over wireless last night. It went down to almost 75% remaining battery as I was playing, so I was hoping that I didn't have one of those that went through battery in such a short time, but this morning I see that it still didn't lose much (it's at 65% now)

    Anyway, I think turning down screen brightness helped and I'll do some of the other tweaks I've seen for improving battery performance.

    Thanks for any advice, I'm looking forward to using this, after my number gets ported.

  2. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I really don't think it'll make a difference because your gonna end up with zvc after rooting.

    I don't use Ting and haven't rooted one of their Sprint phones so you may want to wait and just make sure before doing anything. I'm sure one of the Ting users can confirm.
  3. Phrant1c

    Phrant1c Well-Known Member

    If your current version is zv9 don't take it. The kdz updater is to roll back to zv9. Zvc had the exploit patched that was the whole reason for kdz. It will save you a step when you root

    Most marquees eat up battery. Wi-Fi is a little more battery friendly. Wait until data is enabled it will drain a lot faster ;)
  4. bpaulien

    bpaulien Well-Known Member

    Actually, I think it was zv9, but I went ahead got the update, so I guess that will be an extra step. I'm not too worried about it, though. So far haven't rooted and not in a big hurry to get it done.

    I do know that WiFi is "cheaper" on battery usage, so I have it set to never drop WiFi as long as there's a signal. Hopefully that helps some.

    After a couple days, I noticed a big drop in battery life. I spent about 10 minutes looking up to see if my son's school had a snow day, and as I was leaving for work I noticed that the battery had already drained to 90% remaining. Just to be safe I took my charger to work. Didn't end up needing it, but battery did die before bedtime.

    Installed juice defender last night, so will see if that helps any.

    Anyway, thanks for the responses. I haven't read much yet about the different ROMs that are available for the marquee, and if they offer anything that I think is worth doing the process of rooting and installing a new rom. I'll figure it out as I go.
  5. TideNinja

    TideNinja New Member

    Believe me - you will want to root this phone.
    It works so much better! It's faster, cleaner, battery lasts longer and its way more customizable once you root. The extra free RAM definitely helps too if you plan on doing more than 1 thing at a time. 512mb RAM just isn't enough for any device these days.

    Roll back to ZV9, (that step is actually a PAIN but keep doing it until you succeed) root your phone and get CTMod 3.75c or b or final whatever the latest version is right now. It's great on battery, comes with XPERIA launcher (which has scroll down widgets for enable/disable your most common features like Wi-Fi, bluetooth, Data, Brightness, etc.) it's extremely functional, comes with BOAT browser and a few other goodies. Though I'd recommend redownloading SWYPE too, because swype kicks butt.

    Good luck man, gotta say I highly recommend rooting, I haven't found any reason yet to not have performed that on mine.

    (Also consider getting an extended battery from Amazon, they're $15 and totally worth it, though I haven't found a case that fits the phone afterwards)
  6. bpaulien

    bpaulien Well-Known Member

    Sorry, couple questions on this... and sorry if I sound like a n00b, but when you say the act of rooting gives you additional free RAM, what exactly are you talking about? Just rooting does that, or rooting gives you the ability to run a utility that increases ram? And same for battery... just rooting increases battery efficiency? Or it opens up further options for tweaking?

    Also, I'm a little uncertain if/ how the root works if I have one of the refurbished Marquee's from Ting. I believe it's Boost branded. Will that make a difference in rooting techniques, or what ROMs will work?
  7. PolloJack

    PolloJack Active Member

    Rooting opens options for tweaking, using more efficient governors/regulators, and the ability to delete or install anything. The CTMod that everyone uses also has; Deodex'd Zipaligned Optimized Debloated. I couldn't give you a rundown but they make the phone faster.

    In the big rooting post, download the drivers for boost and remember to install immediately after turning on your phone. It takes a couple tries, don't worry if you don't do it on the first time. There is a chance your phone will require rebooting every day. The problem is almost fixed, they are testing for stability atm.

    My battery drains pretty slow idling but I also ordered a replacement battery. I think the batteries ting gives you are refurbished too, lol. Still reasonable for ~80 bucks no contract. You can also underclock your phone to 220 when idle to reduce battery consumption. I strongly suggest you do this and I have had no adverse effects from doing so.

    The phone will work just like it did before you rooted. Be sure to backup your contacts to an SD card or sync them with google. When you install a new ROM everything is deleted.

    If you start getting amber alerts go to messaging, the oragne app, then settings and scroll down. You can disable all but presidential alerts. It's a new thing and freaked my fiancee and myself out.

    If you don't have a case, cover, car charger, and adapter you might want to consider this.
    Black Rubber Case+Retract Car Charger+USB+Film compatible with LG Marquee Optimus Black P970 -
    Yes, I am the one that reviewed it but honestly I am an honest reviewer lol. Also dropped it from about 6 inches with the case on and it survived. It was an accident.
    Also, it's free shipping and should be no tax.
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  8. bpaulien

    bpaulien Well-Known Member

    That sounds good. I may look into it. Thanks for the detailed answer, I'm sure its not terribly hard, and seems to be quite a few helpful people here if I have trouble. I'll take a look at the case too and see if it's something I'm interested in.

    Thanks again for your reply and I'll see what it takes to get this thing rooted.

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