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  1. lewa

    lewa Well-Known Member

    Hey guys.

    Is there any app that, without using a remote desktop client (VNC/RDB), you can use to access files on your PC?

    Thanks :)

  2. jbarrett020

    jbarrett020 Well-Known Member

    I use droidbox which links up with

    i just drag file to folder on puter, syncs up with online server, then grab file with app on phone

    heres an invite, we both get extra space if you use it

    official app in market now which is "dropbox" as well
  3. oceanlight

    oceanlight Well-Known Member

    correct me if i'm wrong, but the various "dropbox" apps in market are not official. the official one is being worked on, but has yet be to released.

    OP, you might want to check out sugarsync, which does have an android app. also, if you do a search, you'll find lots of info on dropbox. please see this extensive thread:


  4. jbarrett020

    jbarrett020 Well-Known Member

    official one was recently released.

    however, the non official ones work better lol
  5. oceanlight

    oceanlight Well-Known Member

    hmm... not seeing it. i see one by sendroid (not official) and droidbox (not official).
  6. Lars

    Lars Well-Known Member

    That's going to be something I'll miss from Win Mobile. With a WM device I can map network shares right into the WM file tree and copy files directly.

    I guess mounting the SD card via USB would do the same thing but from the PC side.
  7. jbarrett020

    jbarrett020 Well-Known Member

    thats my bad then, i thought sendroid was official. droidbox is much better
    i did see dropbox on a motorola post claiming this to be the official one. i will have to check dropbox site itself
  8. oceanlight

    oceanlight Well-Known Member

    the sendroid one apparently just links you to the mobile site and is not a true app in that sense. when the official app comes out, it will look like this. i'm looking forward to it so i can just use dropbox instead of dropbox+sugarsync.
  9. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Use an app called FTPServer. This turns your phone into an ftp server. Then on your pc open my documents (or any folder) and type the following into the address bar:


    replacing the tags with the ip and port shown on the app. Then go to file > login and use hte login and password you setup on the app
  10. brykins

    brykins Well-Known Member

    I use LeechFTP on my WinXP desktop to run an FTP server. I use to get over the fact that I don't have a static IP address. I use AndFTP on my G2/Hero to access all the files on the desktop from anywhere I have an internet connection.

    Works perfectly.
  11. jdaud

    jdaud Well-Known Member

    Try Tonido. Works well for remote file transfers
  12. Epicurean

    Epicurean Well-Known Member

    Dropbox ftw. It integrates into your phone so you can easily 'share' pics & files to dropbox that you can then pickup on your PC. Also easy to share your files with other ppl by sms the link. Pretty painless
  13. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    Homepipe is another option. You have to download a desktop client, as well as the app, but once it's set up top can access whatever folders you want on your PC from anywhere. Also, since it's your PC that's being accessed and not the cloud per se, there's no size limit.
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  14. Has anybody used free web-based Large File Transfer services like (max 2GB per), (max 2GB per), or (max 5GB per) on their phones yet?
    Do they work?

    I use them all the time on desktops and laptops, on broadband connections, and without a hitch. Very convenient. But I have yet to try them on a phone.
  15. Bob Denny

    Bob Denny Well-Known Member

    ASTRO file manager has an SMB add on. If you have WiFi and can get on the same sub-net of your PC, it is truly wonderful. You can browse/move/copy/delete/rename files and folders your PC shares just like android files and move them back and forth.
  16. Try FileReflex
  17. jj2me

    jj2me Well-Known Member


    Haven't plugged into my PC via USB since. Works PC-to-PC as well. It's exactly what the OP asked for, like a free version of GoToMyPC. You get a Windows Explorer-like view of your PC. Downloads, plus some streaming supported by players in the app, I think music and pics for now (more offered on the iPad).

    If you don't like your PC being on all the time (e.g., a laptop), they sell a NAS device for $99 (plug it into your router), into which you plug a USB external hard drive containing the files you want to access remotely.
  18. vic2pc

    vic2pc Member

    If you want to download files from your PC to any device that has email, then you can try ControlByMail from, which isn't free, but cheap enough.

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